Elite Brands to Watch, 2022

Automobili Lamborghini

“Lamborghini is refinement, luxury and perfection.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini


Cassagi is a game outsourcing studio based in Košice, Slovakia. The word “Cassa” refers to “Villa Cassa”, the first written mention of the city Košice dated in 1230. Although Cassagi was initially named Cassa Game Industry, to be brief, the company later decided to adopt Cassagi as a branding/trading name.

Jellyfish Lighting

JellyFish Light is an exterior lighting company that provides one product to cover all your exterior lighting needs. With JellyFish Lighting, your daily warm white accent lighting can turn into decorations for any holiday or sports team with a touch of a button on your smart device, reads the about of JellyFish Lighting on LinkedIn


LA MAISON DU PAIN is the result of a love affair between a Franchisor and France. With their authentic French recipes and an ambience that transports you directly to the South of France, it’s treating people with an experience of a lifetime.


NIO Inc. is a pioneer and a leading company in the premium smart electric vehicle market. Founded in November 2014, NIO is more than just a car company. The company aims to shape a joyful lifestyle by offering premium smart vehicles and the best user enterprise. Blue Sky Coming describes its guiding philosophy in a brighter, positive future and a more sustainable tomorrow. This is what’s driving the employees – every day.

The Grout Doctor

The Grout Doctor® is a group of highly trained enthusiasts who exhibit professional knowledge for restoring, renewing, and protecting grout, tile, and stone. They are a nationally supported network of Grout Doctors operating since 1992 in 85 locations across the country. The unique selling proposition of The Grout Doctor® is that they do not use steam (steam damages grout). Instead, they use their proprietary products, which are safe, effective, and gentle on the environment to restore and renew.


TeknTrash was born out of the idea that trash has valuable data which no one is collecting. As there are different kinds of trash, it requires a system specifically designed to identify products and capture data.  The company has been running since 2018.


Workwolf® is a Toronto-based technology start-up solving two of the biggest problems experienced by the employment market when making new hires: applicant filtration and resume verification. It is the first company to use blockchain in a commercially viable technology platform. They call this technology ‘disruptive’, which means that it could potentially displace many of the systems and business processes that are commonly used today.

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