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Bernd Steiner | CEO | La Maison Du Pain

LA MAISON DU PAIN is the result of a love affair between a Franchisor and France. With their authentic French recipes and an ambience that transports you directly to the South of France, it’s treating people with an experience of a lifetime.

Established in 2011, LA MAISON DU PAIN has been ruling millions of taste goods through its mesmerizing, authentic French bakery, patisserie, and other delicious products. Known for Tarts, croissants, macaroons, beignets, and éclairs it is renowned for offering much more than just bakery products. With its products offering a roller coaster of taste at every delicious bite, La Maison not only rules the hearts but rules tummies too. Franchisor of the brand Bernd Steiner to know more about the French art of living his journey. Located in Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Hamburg, Main-Taunus- Zentrum, Braunschweig, and La Maison are fully certified members of the German Franchise Association and a French-inspired bakery & bistro serving all-day breakfast, patisserie & other bakery products. 

The competitive advantage seems quite easy to explain. LA MAISON DU PAIN provides its customers with the feeling of being in France. The atmosphere is purely French, warm, and charming. Complimenting it is the smell of fresh bakery products and French Chansons playing in the background.

“Our method was not to chase all trends to attract guests. Our Guests do also not count calories. We foster the French way of life – which we called L`ART DE VIVRE – it is knowledge of how to enjoy life and take time to appreciate the beauty and good taste in things and enjoy the butteriest French croissant you can ever eat.

Bernd Steiner, CEO

Having understood this La Maison keeps innovating, experimenting with the taste, and keeps adding to its menu offering its customers not only new products but newer experiences too. This has helped La Maison to establish itself as a brand people relate to. Its products are at the tip of its customer’s tongues and are the first preference when people want to go out and enjoy their time. Even with most of its customers praising its products, La Maison is always in the pursuit of introducing new and better products without letting the quality of their old products get hampered.

La Maison is a unique business model that has been tried and tested over many years with an authentic French bakery and bistro concept.

The food industry apart from being challenging is unpredictable where your days-old competitor can complete you shine you. Those days are gone when people were emotionally attached to brands and it is now purely the quality of your food and innovation that matters. People get bored of eating the same thing and immediately start searching for something new and better. This change in the mindset though is a matter of concern and brings along with it an opportunity to offer customers something new and keep them glued to your products

Having established itself as a known brand, La Maison started offering franchises. However, despite being a successful brand, it wasn’t a cakewalk. One of its partners tried to copy its business models and failed big time. This indeed was a bad experience for La Maison. First of all, it is a people business even though there is a complex system working behind the operation, guests seeking to have a place to be. For example. LA MAISON DU PAIN is always in the pursuit of introducing new and delicious products without letting the quality of their old products get hampered. Furthermore, Packaging is key. 

Our Brand Name is a program – LA MAISON DU PAIN means ‘House of bread’. We are dedicated to dishes with bread as a component. Tartines, Flammkuchen, Quiches and more. Also, the bakery and our patisserie offer delicious products from all corners of France.

Bernd Steiner, CEO

Today La Maison is a successful brand that is willing to share its success. Having learned from its experiences, La Maison wants people to stop wasting time on trial and error and use its system that would offer them increased chances of achieving success and living the life that they desire. With a set system that is designed only to make its franchise a success, La Maison is not only a market leader but an industry leader in the making.

Bern’s Steiner shares:

“We will expand in Europe as soon as we find a Partner to act as a Master-Franchisor.  If you start a business at a young age, good education and establishing a network seem to be the right things to have. But later you will find out that your professional way will be embossed by experiences from all your past work over the years. Today, I have the conviction that success occurs if gut feeling meets seniority

What I developed from the very beginning was a kind of paranoia positively and creatively. What does it mean? We try to be always one step ahead of our competitors and look forward to the possible expectations and desires of our guests.

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Success does not always bring out the best in people, but its transformational power has left me agreeably unaltered. But the record shows, that there are often unexpected setbacks at a most inconvenient time. If your business or the economic environment is fragile, you must become a troubleshooter. From a personal point of view – I`m always prepared for inconvenient incidence, at any time. And if luck meets opportunity success will happen. What does it mean personally?  It is not a feeling of being successful, it is more subtle. A combination of appreciation and a sense of accomplishment. I never forget my time as a young man starting with almost nothing. The exception was high and the unwavering will to do something great. My mindset has never changed.

I wish for LA MAISON DU PAIN to be a unique and complementary concept belonging to all bigger cities in Europe. If you ask me what the biggest roadblock during my journey has been, well I would answer in analogy: “If you reach the peak of the mountain top, make sure that you descend the peak as soon as possible. If you stay too long – either you freeze to death or go crazy”.

I wish for LA MAISON DU PAIN to be a unique and complementary concept belonging to all bigger cities in Europe.

– Bernd Steiner, CEO

Airport Zurich Switzerland
Prime Center 18060 Zurich Flughafen

The brand has a history of over 12 years

250 LA MAISON DU PAIN outlets worldwide in 2026