Jellyfish Lighting – Lighting Up Lives

Max Deabler | Director of Marketing and Strategy | JellyFish Lighting


When God said there be light he was talking about JellyFish Lighting.

JellyFish Light is an exterior lighting company that provides one product to cover all your exterior lighting needs.

With JellyFish Lighting, your daily warm white accent lighting can turn into decorations for any holiday or sports team with a touch of a button on your smart device, reads the about of JellyFish Lighting on LinkedIn


Briefing about his organization, Max Deabler the Director of Marketing and Strategy for JellyFish Lighting expresses, “Permanent outdoor colour changing lights installed along the eaves of your home to be used for everyday accent lighting and change colour for holidays or special occasions with an app on your phone”.

The tagline of every company encompasses the company and JellyFish is no less. The all-in-one outdoor lighting solution, or permanent Christmas lighting and year-round accent/security lighting in one puts a tag on the services offered by the company. JellyFish Lightning offers permanent outdoor colour-changing lights.  The company started with inventors in 2012, partnered with a home automation company in 2016 and continued to grow the company under the JellyFish Lighting name.

We sell and install year-round outdoor lighting. We also sell materials for DIY

Max Deabler Director of Marketing and Strategy


Wanting to come up with a solution for temporary Christmas lights, keeping people safe off the roof, while still getting year-round use as accent/security lighting or for other holidays is what motivated the company to come up with JellyFish Lighting. The services are offered for both homeowners and commercial applications. The target market is mid to high-income earning homeowners aged 40-60 years old.

We appeal to them by providing the convenience of never hanging Christmas lights again,and longevity by producing a long-lasting product that can withstand being in the elements.

– Max Deabler Director of Marketing and Strategy

The USP of the product asks the customer to, Never get on a ladder again to hang Christmas lights and use year-round for nightly accent/security lighting or change the colour to celebrate other holidays like the 4th of July, Halloween, birthday parties, and more. Discreet from the street installed under the eaves in a track colour that matches with no outer boxes and hidden wires as much as possible through attics.

The best is always the last and throwing light on his team which is his might Max concludes by   exclaiming,  

Everyone on our team is customer support focused. I like how when a customer has a question or problem we try to fix it as soon as possible.