CASSAGI – Changing the Gaming Industry

Martin Ostrolucký | CEO & Founder | Cassagi


Life in virtual worlds is the present and future of humanity and gaming industry. It has continually become one of the industries that have revolutionized the business world. Who thought that one could combine leisure with technology and finance and build an initiative that would contribute to the economy? Cassagi is one brand that is a part of this revolution in the gaming industry.


Cassagi is a game outsourcing studio based in Košice, Slovakia. The word “Cassa” refers to “Villa Cassa”, the first written mention of the city Košice dated in 1230. Although Cassagi was initially named Cassa Game Industry, to be brief, the company later decided to adopt Cassagi as a branding/trading name.

The company specializes in comprehensive project development, AAA art production and game development for PC and mobile platforms. It’s a passionate, detail-oriented team of game developers, designers and artists.

Cassagi’s collective goal is to support the local scene and provide young people with better and more accessible opportunities in the game development industry. A great talent rests in Slovakia, and Cassagi believes that it can help bring it out to the world by becoming the best in the industry.

Our vision is to create long-term professional partnerships with the best worldwide studios and help them shape the future of realistic digital production for games and movies.

Martin Ostrolucký
CEO & Founder

We take great care in selecting interesting projects that naturally motivate us at work and allow us to develop and grow professionally. In addition to working on exciting client projects, we also work on our own game, Age of Pyramids.

Martin Ostrolucký
CEO & Founder


It all starts with good chemistry, which is why Cassagi’s biggest strength dwells in its team members. They works as an organized team that communicates openly – sharing thoughts, knowledge, and experience – enabling the company to do remarkable things. All of it is supported by the strong and consistent processes applied.

Managing to bring out the best in every team member and having a clear vision of tasks and goals to complete and compartmentalize are the pillars of leadership for Cassagi, making the final piece a perfect fit for the client.

Cassagi consists of members with many years of experience in their expertise. Together they have formed a team of professionals where each person’s skills complement each other. Building a genuine connection with teammates is vital to developing a mutual sense of trust. It supports a strong culture and helps Cassagi maintain its core values – professionalism, teamwork, quality, security, transparency, efficiency and personal growth.

We always pull for one rope and grow together professionally as a team. We connect hard-working, goal-focused and skilled people from all over the world, people with a passion for games, specialized expertise and complementary skills who collaborate, innovate and produce consistently superior results.

Martin Ostrolucký
 CEO & Founder



Cassagi designs, creates and animates what starts as an idea. Anything the project needs to bring mirror-like realistic 3D characters, vehicles, weapons, environments and other props into life, based on any image reference or 3D scan for games and movies alike. On the warpath to achieve the highest detail accuracy while eliminating measurement mistakes, they handcraft the life-like copy, improving your asset’s quality tenfold.


Everything you need from your comprehensive game development partner to let you focus on your core business. From planning and managing the work through game design documentation and defining the art style to executing production and post-release support. Cassagi can cover everything or just jump on the moving train to supplement the production team. The senior development team has years of experience working with Unity and UE4 under its belt and can follow your vision perfectly, creating the game world you desire.

We breathe in the challenging details of a project rich in details and deliver the perfect digital replica. To ensure the highest quality of our delivery, we always work closely with our clients. From initial analysis up to the delivery, we value open communication, a fair approach and full transparency. This is how we work.

Martin Ostrolucký
 CEO & Founder


Cassagi has been on the market for 5 years, since 2017. In its beginnings, the team have been focusing on providing services in art production for indie projects. Mostly creating game assets with a realistic or semi-realistic style design. The first large projects were Hell let Loose and Theatre VR, where the team defined quality standards and values. After the years, situations changed, and Cassagi preferred the selection of demanding projects in terms of graphic, design or technical aspects. The company started as a three-member team and grew to more than 20 people, and still hiring.

Recently, Cassagi has been working on projects for which it has provided all areas of development from game design, world-building, environment, hard-surface and character art to programming game architecture or game mechanics for Mobile and PC platforms.

We had the opportunity to join and work on one of the most exciting franchises in the world: Star Wars Legion. We accepted the challenge to digitise models of characters and machines from the Star Wars universe in incredible detail. Our responsibility was to digitise these physical assets for the advertisement.

Martin Ostrolucký
 CEO & Founder


Cooperating with worldwide and experienced studios helps Cassagi to grow on the triple-A level. Cassagi has been forward in the game Industry mainly due to its devotion to details, the quality of outputs, respecting agreed deadlines and exceeding clients’ expectations positively. The company’s motto: “Challenge us!” has also helped it up.

Cassagi is recently looking forward to the new project challenges as a game outsourcing studio and also as a developer studio.

As they like to say: Let’s create great things together.