The Grout Doctor – Restoring And Protecting Grout Surfaces

J.C. Sneyd | President/CEO | The Grout Doctor

Everyone likes clean, shiny, shimmery things. Keeping your surroundings hygienic and looking top-notch is very important. Despite all efforts to prevent mildew and mold from taking hold, white grout inevitably gets moldy, dingy, and discolored. No one likes that. What can be done about it?

If your grout, tile, or stone loses its original appearance and usability, it is time to call for restoration—there is no need to replace it. All you need is a good grout cleaning service. Nothing is a faster facelift for your surfaces than restoring stained grout to a clean and brilliant state.

One organization that offers grout restoration services to help with surface up lifting is The Grout Doctor®. The Grout Doctor® is a group of highly trained enthusiasts who exhibit professional knowledge for restoring, renewing, and protecting grout, tile, and stone. They are a nationally supported network of Grout Doctors operating since 1992 in 85 locations across the country. The unique selling proposition of The Grout Doctor® is that they do not use steam (steam damages grout). Instead, they use their proprietary products, which are safe, effective, and gentle on the environment to restore and renew.

“We specialize in the care, maintenance, and restoration of grout, tile, and natural stone surfaces for residential and commercial customers.”


Christina Phelps, one of the strongest pillars of The Grout Doctor®, has been associated with the organization for the last five years as National Marketing Director. Christina tells us that The Grout Doctor® is an organization focusing on mending and beautifying things instead of destroying them. They put in the hard work and effort to not just restore something of worldly value but to restore the emotional and monetary value that was once invested in the product. The Grout Doctor® has a mission of restoring the glory to your installation and recreating the magic of newness on surfaces with its various services.

Since its inception more than 30 years ago, The Grout Doctor® has created a broad range of products, including Neutral Cleaner Concentrate, Shower Clear, Stone Polish, Counter Cleaner, and their probiotic cleaner, CureAll. These products and their various services have helped solve some of the most challenging cleaning problems.


Replacing seems to be the most convenient and attractive option, but is it sustainable and cost-efficient? The Grout Doctor® strongly supports preserving, restoring, and contributing to sustainability. Restoration work makes the entire process and output less expensive and less time-consuming. The Grout Doctor® has been providing sustainable solutions for most domestic issues by simultaneously taking care of products and the environment. Grout Doctor products are manufactured in the state of Arizona with the environment in mind.

Services of The Grout Doctor® include grout, tile, and natural stone cleaning and sealing, grout recoloring, grout and tile repair, regrouting, re-caulking, and natural stone polishing. The Grout Doctor® can safely and effectively remove calcium, lime, soap scum, discoloration, surface rust, hard water deposits, dulling film, and dirt from hard surfaces through its in-house products and services.


The Grout Doctor® was founded on the belief that everyone has the right to live their dream, no matter where they studied or their professional experience. Everyone has the right to dream big and live that dream of becoming an entrepreneur. When a person does something they like to do, they automatically perform the duties with utmost dedication, and the chances of excelling increase.

Since being founded in 1992, The Grout Doctor® has made its name in various industries, including Handyman, Cleaning Services, Janitorial, Property Maintenance, and Restoration Services. However, The Grout Doctor® does not make any collaborations with any other brands.


Regarding the team and hierarchical structure at The Grout Doctor®, Christina stated that the team is not significant in numbers but in terms of knowledge and experience. The leadership in the group is in the hands of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Training Specialist, Data Center Manager, and National Marketing Director. This small team meets once a week to discuss achievements and shortcomings and to streamline work being done by other team members. One thing that builds the team’s strength is that each department knows its roles and responsibilities. Everyone knows what they need to do and takes accountability for their actions. With such talented and responsible people on board, the organization can continue to support Grout Doctors across the country who perform sustainable and cost-effective restoration services.

“Do not Replace. Regrout and Restore!”


Damage caused to tile and grout is usual and nothing new. However, finding creative and sustainable solutions for the problem is something new. The Grout Doctor® has helped make that happen.

Everyone wants their home, office, or spaces where they spend time in pristine and clean condition. Despite everything being set right, some details such as grout, tile, and stone cleaning are forgotten or left out. At The Grout Doctor®, tile and grout cleaning services are well equipped and carried out by experienced professionals who are habitual and successful in cleaning surfaces even in the worst possible situations. Professional assistance from The Grout Doctor® is changing how surface restoration is viewed.

When choosing a grout, tile, and stone cleaning service, there are crucial factors that need to be considered. Trusting a random person with the security of your house can be challenging for carrying out the restoration project. The Grout Doctor® is well-reviewed and insured. Another factor is the money put into the project should be worth every penny. The Grout Doctor® offers a 6-month warranty on all work completed. These are just a few reasons that The Grout Doctor® has won a place in people’s hearts and minds and become a trusted brand!