Transformational CEOs, 2022



Jeff Brodsly

Our motto at 100GROUP is “We deliver 100% in everything we do”

In Home Personal Services

Michael Collura

“Right off the bat let’s get something straight. I am not perfect. I have failed. I embrace the idea that perfection is ridiculous, and I learn from my mistakes. I’m not good at what I do because I am so perfect; nothing is further from the truth. I’m good because I learn and persevere despite the setbacks I have endured in my career. My transformation is never at its end, and I grow a little more every day”.  


Michael Renna

While a lot has changed at South Jersey Industries (SJI) since its inception over a hundred years ago, one thing that remains the same is the company’s commitment to delivering safe, reliable, affordable energy to its more than 700,000 natural gas customers in New Jersey.


Pradeep Goel

Pradeep Goel the founder of Solve. Care has over 30 years of experience in blockchain, finance, technology, and healthcare and has held the positions of CEO, COO, CIO and CTO roles at various insurance, technology and healthcare companies.

Ev0lver, Inc.

Sara Abbas

Sara Abbas is the award-winning Founder and CEO of Ev0lver, Inc., a full-service talent agency, experiential marketing hub, sales incubator, and consulting firm. She is the founder of the highly celebrated luxury brand, Always A Muse, a conscious designer fashion label that is as empowering, sustainable and flattering as it is functional.

Neuroceuticals Inc.

Shinya Miike

Shinya Miike is President and CEO of Neuroceuticals. Neuroceuticals is delivering various innovative medical device products and applications into markets through multiple forms of company structure such as development both inside and outside of the company, VB investment, raising and setting up a venture firm and others, to implement development of products that fit unmet clinical needs and needs from research fields.

One Act Inc.

Yusuke Asano

Yusuke Asano is the Representative Director and CEO of One Act Inc. He started his career journey at Keyence, a company with the third largest capital in Japan after Toyota and Sony, and engaged in Sales Consulting, Team Management Sales Strategy Planning etc. 

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