Yusuke Asano: The Shakespeare of the Tech World

Yusuke Asano | Representative Director and CEO | One Act Inc.

Yusuke Asano is the Representative Director and CEO of One Act Inc.

He started his career journey at Keyence, a company with the third largest capital in Japan after Toyota and Sony, and engaged in Sales Consulting, Team Management Sales Strategy Planning etc. 

While at ACT MARRIAGE he supervised the launch of a Web Service Company (bridal-related) as a representative and then transferred. He supervised the launch of an independent SIer’s Tokyo business as a Business Manager and supervised a System Integration Business with a scale of 100 people. He also launched an industry-academia collaboration ICT project with the University of Tokyo and participated as a General Manager.

Besides management, he also provided Management Consulting at an independent consulting firm.

As mentioned above, he oversaw the launch of two venture companies before establishing One Act in 2013. After its establishment, he founded ICT Startupand assumed the position of Representative Director.

The other feathers in his cap include the launch of   PieceX, the world’s first AI-powered source code marketplace, obtaining business patents for a “source code trading system” and “source code trading system using AI”.

He also launched an industry-university collaboration ICT education project with the Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology.

 In 2021, he established One Act UK in London and One Act US in California. Currently, he is representing the three companies and expanding his business to the world.

In an internet personal chat with us, he speaks in detail about his company, operations and what are plans for the company. 

Elite X: Thank you for doing this with us, Yusuke. Can you please enlighten our readers a bit about your venture One Act and what it does?

Yusuke Asano:  One Act is a global startup engaged in software development and AI technology development with a headquarters in Japan, and offices in France, India, the UK, and the US. The team consists of Engineers, Marketers, Designers, and Salespeople selected from 12 countries around the world. We are passionate about changing the world and contributing to the world through innovative technology. One Act was established in 2013 and has followed the following Timeline:-

●          October 2013: Launch of business in Tokyo, Japan
●          2017: Established base in France
●          2020: Established base in India
●          2021: Established bases in the UK and the US

Through our Mission, We aim to contribute to global society through innovative technologies while through our Vision.  We strive to create a world where anyone, no matter who or where can create new innovative services.

EX: You are the pioneer for PieceX, which is described as the world’s first AI-powered source code marketplace. Can you please tell us something more about this unique product which has revolutionized the tech world?

YA: PieceX is the world’s first AI-Powered Source Code Marketplace. By trading software components on a global scale, PieceX allows Sellers to earn new income from the source code itself and allows Buyers to save 80% on software development time and costs by purchasing ready-to-use source codes. PieceX creates a web infrastructure where anyone in the world can rapidly develop new services, creating a new economy.

Our main solution is PieceX, an innovative service that is positioned to become a new social infrastructure for software development. – Yusuke Asano is the Representative Director and CEO

EX: Software Development and Artificial Intelligence are here to stay and have many providers. What makes your product unique among all the other providers? 

YA: The very fact that We are the world’s first marketplace for high-quality, high-price source code, and we currently have no clear competitors yet. In addition to that, we are looking ahead and introducing AI technology into price control and quality control, aiming for building the perfect marketplace.

We have already obtained several patents in Japan and are expected to obtain
one in the US soon.

– Yusuke Asano is the Representative Director and CEO

EX:  What is the driving force behind the launch of One Act Inc? 

YA: While overseeing the launch of two IT companies in my previous experience, I often faced long-standing challenges in software development such as excessive development time and cost, as well as a lack of IT engineers. I dealt with industrial parts at my previous company and realized that I could solve everything simultaneously by making software parts the same way there are hardware parts. That’s why I established One Act to create a ground-breaking service that solves those pains in the form of a marketplace for buying and selling source code under the name of “PieceX”.

EX: What is the most unique trait of the people working at OneAct?

YA: Everyone is a specialist and everyone respects each other. I don’t judge members from my point of view. Team members who work together always know each member’s ability and evaluation. We make time for proper feedback every quarter and continue to identify motivations and obstacles. Being one team, everyone is on the same page. Speed is of the essence when it comes to startups. Momentum goes in the same direction when everyone is always on the same page. We are very diverse and multinational; we have a mix of different cultures but we have collectively formed a single culture: One Act.

EX: Describe Yusuke Asano the leader.

YA: I have always played the role of a leader throughout my life, from elementary school to junior high school, high school, and university, then into my career in large companies, and venture companies. I’ve been constantly leading in positions such as captain and manager at baseball and tennis clubs, class president at schools, the youngest leader at major companies and leader overseeing dozens of development projects at the same time, and so on. I’ve already experienced many situations that I have dealt with.

I’ve navigated through all challenges thrown at me through my strong positive thinking to achieve my goals without failure and the help of my team members. I don’t consider all failures to be failures until I succeed. It’s all a process towards success and excellent team members always help and support me.

Innovation and up gradation are the significant signs of technology and I am doing this through my hard work and always trying new things. Our business targets people from all over the world and we have users in over 200 countries. So now, morning to evening is Asian work time, evening to late night is European work time, and midnight to morning is American work time, and I am willing to work 24/7 if necessary as there are always new things happening in the world.

My direct supervisor when I worked at Keyence in my early twenties. He taught me what a professional is and he made me realize that I have much more potential than I think I do.

-Yusuke Asano when asked who has imparted a major influence on his life.