Shinya Miike: Making It Medically

Neuroceuticals is delivering various innovative medical device products and applications into markets through multiple forms of company structure such as development both inside and outside of the company, VB investment, raising and setting up a venture firm and others, to implement development of products that fit unmet clinical needs and needs from research fields.  It was established in 2017 and has three locations in Japan.

Shinya Miike is President and CEO of Neuroceuticals.

EliteX interacted with him to know more about him professionally and personally. The result of our interaction is here below.

We work with our project partner companies together for obtaining medical device regulatory approval and contribute to activating the whole medical device market.

Shinya Miike – President & CEO of Neuroceuticals Inc 

EliteX: Thank you for doing this with us Shinya. What is your role in the organization?

Shinya Miike:  I have been working on marketing, research and development, and company management for over 20 years including experiences selling off venture firms. With these background careers, I am involved in supporting company management, and business development in various projects especially in the surgical field, ophthalmology, cardiology, urology, preventive medicine and orthopaedic field.

EX:  What makes your products stand out in an industry which has an oligopoly market?

SM: The credit for this goes to my team. When considering the strength of our business, my team can cover steps 0 to step 3 in a whole business milestone, in other words, the overall processes until successful penetration into markets.

Zero to three steps covers discovering, raising and developing, and creating something as a finished product. For further steps beyond, larger firms can do and expand it as a business. Large companies cannot commit to such an emerging process as they cannot take a potential risk. We are focusing on these areas and that meets unmet need from large manufacturers.

EX: Can you brief us about the origins of Neuroceuticals?

SM: I met a university professor and physician who developed an innovative medical device. I started to wish to expand their innovative idea world widely. A financial arrangement was sometimes hard for start-up, but fortunately I could get support from governmental budgets for  healthcare industry.

EX: What is Shinya Miike the leader?

SM: My leadership is useful. Leadership is necessary for management of my team, and also in getting supports from highly skilled person.

I encourage my trustful members and show them how their work helps  patient as much as possible. I tell them I am surely proud of their efforts, processes and results they completed. I am responsible for monitoring if on-going projects are heading to a right direction, but that is a part of the process. I never take credit for my staff’s work.  Keep looking forward, to the future. Keep making an effort for moving forward. Do not worry about failure, and do not regret the past.

I will become more enthusiastic when I come across a challenging task. I may not be fully satisfied with situations where there are no troubles or difficulties.

– Shinya Miike -President & CEO of Neuroceuticals Inc on his strategy to overcome challenges

EX: How do you ‘preside’ over each day?

SM: Wake up and get ready to work. While driving to my office, I join a call with my overseas business partners. At my office, I work. I speak with my staff over the phone while returning to my home. Enjoy a meal and go to bed after watching a Japanese famous animated movie. I sleep at around 1:00 am.

Rapid fire round:

Current and plans?
Raising younger talent

Passionate about?
Developing something from stage zero

Hobbies, favorite books, websites, films and resources
Peter Drucker’s books. I watch both Japanese movies and foreign films.

An interesting fact about Shinya Miike
Shinya likes diving and has been doing it for about 20 years.