Jeff Brodsly: 100GROUP – The One Stop Centre For Your Business

Jeff Brodsly | President and CEO | 100GROUP

Starting at the bottom as a young and scrappy low-level sales guy, Jeff Brodsly has become a mature and classy CEO at Fortune 500 levels, over the past 15 years. Currently, he is the   President and CEO of 100GROUP, a growth catalyst, serial investor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, city commissioner, life coach, and a dad from Moorpark, California.

As a proven FinTech leader Jeff Brodsly continues to revolutionize each industry he is involved in. Outside of the day-to-day of managing the companies under the 100GROUP umbrella, Jeff is constantly in the FinTech M&A space.

Outside of work, Jeff also dedicates a lot of his time to giving back to local organizations. He sits on the Board of the Boys & Girls Club, is a Planning Commissioner for the City of Moorpark, and works closely with the local school district, chamber of commerce, rotary club, and much more. Jeff has a passion for giving back, and that is what drives him to work hard, for not just himself but his staff, his clients, and his communities.

In an interview with EliteX Jeff shares how his company is being a boon to the business world.

Elite X:  Could you please tell us more about your organization?

Jeff Brodsly: 100GROUP is the first and only VIP business concierge. Most ask what that is. Simply put, 100GROUP companies span across various FinTech organizations. And each of them offers the products and services each business owner needs. 100GROUP bundles all of these needed products into a luxury package which is then implemented for small business owners who can appreciate the cost savings and efficiency of having a VIP concierge for products such as software, credit card processing, business phone systems, and business insurance.. The days of being stuck on hold trying to chase down vendors are over. Our clients receive the luxury experience that is expected from renowned brands like Ritz Carlton, Rolls Royce, and Louis Vuitton. We offer the products, services, and solutions that all businesses already rely on today, with the added value of the 100GROUP VIP luxury touch.

We oversee multiple businesses, several of which have been around for over 25 years. 100GROUP took over leadership and operating control of many of these over the past 4 years. We currently have offices in Georgia, Michigan, Texas, Ohio, and our corporate office in California.

Our motto at 100GROUP is “We deliver 100% in everything we do”, which I think speaks for itself. 100GROUP is built on the foundation of “the luxury experience” providing the best of the best for businesses. When you’re a 100GROUP client you can expect to get second-to-none products, services, and most importantly VIP customer support 24/7 365 from a team of seasoned professionals with decades of experience. When we give everything and put in 100% of our effort, our clients experience that luxury 100GROUP way of doing business.

– Jeff  Brodsly President and CEO of 100GROUP

EX:  As 100GROUP has a global presence what are the services offered by your company and how are they beneficial for the customers?

 JB: 100GROUP has a variety of product offerings including credit card processing, software integration, VoIP phone systems, business insurance, and more on a single platform. Consumers benefit from having a single service provider with dedicated VIP customer service. We save our clients massive amounts of time and improve efficiency by leveraging our best-in-class technology. We directly save our clients millions of dollars a year compared to using another vendor for a product/service we offer.

EX: What makes the products of 100GROUP stand out among similar products offered by other companies?

 JB: Unlike other vendors, at 100GROUP we provide our clients with a complete luxury experience. At 100GROUP, we treat all our clients like the red-carpet VIPs they are and provide a one-stop shop for all of their essential business needs. If you are processing credit cards with anyone else you are missing out on the luxury experience. There is a reason many people shop at high-end retail stores, drive high-end cars, and stay at high-end hotels. These people appreciate the value of the service offered at these establishments. This is the same feeling and value that 100GROUP offers. Not one other company can compete with our level of VIP treatment coupled with our overly fair prices.

EX: So how was the idea of 100GROUP conceived? Can you throw some light on it?

JB: I founded a small credit card processing company as a one-man show in 2011 and grew the company into a world-renowned name in payment processing. After over two decades of being award-winning leaders in the B2B world, I saw an opportunity to do even better for our clients. Historically business owners have not experienced the value they deserve from their relationship with vendors, so we decided to change the game. Maintaining the strong leadership that fueled huge successes in past ventures, my hand-picked management team and I chose to do more, to do better, to establish this foundation, and provide services to help the business community. This was missing at my last company and once I sold the majority of the company, the ethics and values we worked hard to employ seemed to no longer be of importance to the new owners. Thus, I set out to make a difference for all business owners in America.

I saw a big problem. I worked hard to identify a solution. Rolling out this solution and watching our nationally recognized clients benefit from our services, is the 100GROUP story.

EX: How would you describe your team and the work culture at 100GROUP?

JB: Every member of our staff comes to the table with a unique background and skillset, but at 100GROUP we’re like family. Without the absolute most amazing staff, my “job” would be horrible. Yet, it is not, and I attribute the joy in what I do to all of the hard work and dedication of my staff. I love working with such strong, caring, talented people. Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals who love what they do and are invested in helping their peers and the company grow. I would prefer to have no company at all if I did not have a company that was all in. I know that from the janitor to the C-level staff,  all of our team bleed 100 and we are all about what we do as a team. This is the greatest value as a CEO, knowing your team believes in you and showing them that you believe in them.

Something very unique and special about all companies Jeff has founded or run is the company culture and values are second to none. Jeff believes in treating his staff with the utmost importance and making everyone a part of the family.

EX: As a CEO what action are you taking towards nurturing talent so that the company continues to go to greater heights?

 JB: At 100GROUP we work hard and play hard. Professional development opportunities, team-building retreats, and company-sponsored life coaching sessions are just a few of the ways I ensure that everyone gets the support they need. As a CEO it’s important to me that the members of my team are given the tools and opportunities necessary for a balanced personal and professional life. I believe that most if not all our staff today have grown from within. I don’t believe in an “I am the boss” mentality. We encourage all to have a voice and may the most agreed-upon voice win. And all are a boss in their way. We grow as a company while we grow our culture.

I’ve built some of the best of friends in various niche industries. I’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears into these industries and support them by sitting on boards of nearly every large association and being a top sponsor at most events. That invaluable experience has given me a unique perspective and insight into the needs of business owners and their industries.

-Jeff  Brodsly President and CEO of 100GROUP when asked who has left a lasting impression on him

EX: Describe Jeff Brodsly the CEO.

JB: This reply is subjective. At this point in my career, my typical day is spent checking in with and advising my C-level team. As well as looking at all new acquisition opportunities that come across my vest and determining what would be a good fit for 100GROUP going forward. Outside of this, I am at a place in my life where my personal life is the highest priority so if my daughter, family, or friends need me- I am there. I work a lot smarter not harder these days and fortunately I have fostered strong leadership in my team to a level that they can hold the forts down while I focus on strategic vision.

EX: “Leaders are not born but made”. According to you what are the innate qualities in you that make you a leader?

JB: I love seeing what’s not obvious: a need in an industry, an innovative solution to a stubborn problem, the potential in a person. I know that my success and the success of my company depend on the success of the individuals on my team, and I find great joy in leading others to success. With the help of my carefully selected c-level staff, we see something in people that they can’t see in themselves and mentor them to reach their true potential. I have an innate drive to do better, think outside the box, grow and learn from others. I strive to surround myself with those who have that same determination. At the end of the day, people are what matter. Building and maintaining solid relationships holds immense value with unfettered potential.

 I’m a huge advocate for self-growth and devote several hours a week focused on building my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. I believe in the “oxygen masks” analogy – that we all must help ourselves and be at the top of our game before we can help or support others. I understand that although I would not be here without my team, my team would not be here without me. Therefore, when I invest in my self-growth, I am investing in my entire staff’s growth.

Work is everything to me, however, it comes after a FAMILY FIRST mentality. Without family being first, work has less meaning for me. My relationship with my daughter is the most important thing in my life and always comes first, but she also drives me to succeed in my professional life. She drives me to be the best I can be so that I can help build a better world for her and other kids like her. In addition to my daughter, my immediate and non-immediate friends and family are what motivate me to keep doing what I do.

-Jeff  Brodsly President and CEO of 100GROUP on how he maintains a personal-professional life balance

EX: What’s the future roadmap that you have planned for 100GROUP?

JB: I’m always looking for new opportunities to invest in other businesses and grow by way of acquisitions in niche markets. In addition to 100GROUP’s core offerings, I’m also invested in commercial real estate and community development, especially in my hometown of Moorpark, California. One of the greatest joys in my success has been the opportunity to give back, both to the local communities where my companies operate and also to the clients and the industries that have helped to make me so successful. I plan to continue revolutionizing the way the world does business and finding innovative solutions for our communities and the business world. I cannot wait to find the next good fit for 100GROUP and get to work on continuing to change lives.

EX: A little personal information about yourself.

JB: I’m actively involved in local fundraising and community service, proudly serve on the board of directors for several associations at a local and national level and donate regularly to many charitable organizations that I hold dear to my heart. I unplug from work through my family time, hobbies, and self-care. My hobbies include golf, motocross, travel, boating, mentoring, collecting wine, wakeboarding, building businesses, automobiles, snowboarding, real estate, fitness, watching professional sports, and saltwater fish tanks.