The 10 Most Iconic Franchises in 2023



Dr. Chris Tomshack

“This commitment to excellence extends beyond business transactions; it forms the core of HealthSource’s internal franchise culture.”

Ctrl V

Robert Bruski

Ctrl V, a Virtual Reality Arcade, was born, not just as a business but as a mission to elevate lives through immersive experiences. In the heart of the inception story lies a serendipitous encounter with the burgeoning world of virtual reality at CES 2016. The team witnessed a technology that begged to be shared, an innovation that could transform everyday experiences.

Elite Window Cleaning

Chris Stoness

Elite Window Cleaning, a beacon of excellence in the world of window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and home detailing. Established in 2012 in Kingston, Ontario, Elite Window Cleaning started with a borrowed car, a bucket, and a vision to transform the industry. Today, we proudly stand with 8 franchise locations across Canada and a commitment to continuous expansion. We at EliteX, are proud to introduce Elite Window Cleaning as one of The 10 Most Iconic Franchises in 2023.


Chen Mei Yen

In the heart of Taiwan, a fifth-generation tea expert embarked on a journey to revolutionize the age-old tradition of tea crafting. This visionary individual, part of a renowned Taiwanese tea processing and manufacturing lineage, found inspiration during a trip to Italy, witnessing the artistry of crafting a cup of freshly extracted Espresso. The spark of an idea ignited—a vision to merge the swiftness of Espresso brewing with the rich flavors of Taiwanese tea.

Top Choice Accountants

Rob Carpenter

Rob Carpenter, a seasoned professional with 41 years of self-employment under his belt. Having successfully sold two accountancy practices, Rob decided to embark on a new venture, one that would redefine the relationship between accountants and their clients.


Prof. Dr Dino Wong

One of the greatest inventions of humankind was the abacus. An abacus is a calculating tool used for mathematical purposes used by ancient civilizations. The psychological benefits of the abacus are plenty. A company which has been at the forefront of the abacus revolution is UCMAS.

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