Top Choice Accountants: A Journey in Numbers

Rob Carpenter | CEO | Top Choice Accountants

It begins with Rob Carpenter, a seasoned professional with 41 years of self-employment under his belt. Having successfully sold two accountancy practices, Rob decided to embark on a new venture, one that would redefine the relationship between accountants and their clients. In 2015, Rob established Top Choice Accountants, with a vision that was far from corporate and much more personal. His move to mid-Devon was not just a change of location; it was a strategic decision to bring accessible and client-focused accounting services to the heart of the UK.

What makes Top Choice Accountants stand out is not just its Devon Head Office but the extension into Yorkshire through a dedicated franchisee, Bibi Chappell. Appointed in August 2021, Bibi’s passion for running her branch echoes the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional service to sole traders and partnerships. The company’s motto, ‘Simply the best Accountants for Sole Traders and Partnerships,’ isn’t just a tagline. It’s a commitment rooted in Rob’s extensive experience, which includes 15 years in employment before venturing into self-employment.

Rob’s revelation came when he observed larger accountancy practices attempting to offer solutions that were too corporate for the tastes of sole traders and partnerships. Recognizing the need for a more personal touch and better value for money, Rob set out to guide clients through the intricacies of self-employment. As the CEO, Rob expects his franchisees to go the ‘extra mile,’ understanding that the journey of a client is greatly influenced by the dedication of those guiding them.

“In the heart of mid-Devon, Top Choice Accountants isn’t just about numbers; it’s a commitment to personalized service, redefining the landscape of accountancy in the UK.”

Expanding his vision, Rob has been offering franchises in England, Scotland, and Wales. Currently in negotiations with three interested accountants, there are still 31 franchises available for discussion, indicating the growing interest in the Top Choice Accountants model. For Rob, working with figures isn’t just a profession; it’s a lifelong passion. His journey from obtaining GCSE ‘O’ Level in Maths to becoming a Chartered Management Accountant in May 1981 is a testament to his dedication to the field. Looking ahead, the objectives for the next five fiscal years are clear—continue to grow the business and over-deliver on service. Rob’s aspirations are equally ambitious; he envisions 30 to 35 franchises in place by December 2028.

To be a franchise owner with Top Choice Accountants, Rob seeks individuals who are part or fully qualified accountants, with experience in at least one accounting environment. Flexibility in working arrangements, a willingness to attend courses on taxation and artificial intelligence, and a genuine desire to help self-employed individuals are key criteria. Franchise owners sign a Heads of Agreement, pledging to uphold and enhance the name of Top Choice Accountants, maintaining a clean and tidy office while not harming the company in any way.

The support doesn’t end with the agreement; franchisees are entitled to as much or as little training as required. Rob emphasizes that Top Choice Training is ‘second to none,’ with face-to-face sessions held at Premier Inn Hotels. The training includes initial Zoom calls by qualified accountants Sonia and Elaine, followed by ongoing support during weekdays. Top Choice Accountants isn’t just about numbers; it’s about a commitment to personalized service, growth, and creating a network of dedicated professionals redefining the landscape of accountancy in the UK.

“Rob Carpenter’s journey from selling practices to envisioning 30 to 35 franchises by 2028 is a testament to our commitment: over-deliver on service, guide through self-employment, and be, simply, the best for sole traders and partnerships.”