Elevating Realities: The Ctrl V Odyssey

Ctrl V, a Virtual Reality Arcade, was born, not just as a business but as a mission to elevate lives through immersive experiences. In the heart of the inception story lies a serendipitous encounter with the burgeoning world of virtual reality at CES 2016. The team witnessed a technology that begged to be shared, an innovation that could transform everyday experiences. Thus, Ctrl V emerged, not as a mere arcade but as a sanctuary of happiness.

Robert Bruski | Co-founder & CFO | Ctrl V

Ctrl V quickly transcended local boundaries, becoming a beacon of joy. The initial positive response fueled the decision to go beyond borders. The team, motivated by the belief that virtual reality could be a global phenomenon, initiated the franchise journey, and Ctrl V began its expansion, creating ripples in the realms of entertainment.

With six locations thriving across Canada and the US, Ctrl V isn’t just a business—it’s a movement. The growth, however, came with its share of challenges. The COVID-19 lockdowns hit hard, testing the resilience of the Ctrl V spirit. While some locations succumbed, the essence endured, and the company emerged stronger, with numerous new ventures on the horizon. Ctrl V’s essence is encapsulated in its motto, “When Reality Isn’t Enough,” a promise to transport customers to realms beyond the ordinary. The mission, “Elevating Experiences, Elevating Lives,” underscores the commitment to not just entertain but to create a lasting impact on the lives of entrepreneurs and customers alike.

“Ctrl V: Crafting Realities, Building Dreams” – Tagline capturing the essence of Ctrl V’s mission and vision

What sets Ctrl V apart is not just its state-of-the-art VR stations or premium technology; it’s the culture that breathes life into the company. The CEO acknowledges the invaluable contribution of a culture that creates raving fans out of customers, franchisees, and partners. Grit, moxie, and a hunger for success define Ctrl V’s journey through both turbulent and triumphant times.

Ctrl V’s purpose goes beyond selling virtual reality experiences; it sells happiness. The joy on faces, the moments of awe in virtual adventures, and the opportunity for entrepreneurs to join the Ctrl V family—all contribute to the company’s broader mission of giving back and spreading positivity.

As a brand, Ctrl V targets everyone—from the curious eight-year-old to the adventurous octogenarian. It’s not just for gamers but for anyone seeking wonder and joy. The 18–25-year-old male gamer stereotype is shattered as Ctrl V embraces the diversity of its audience, inviting everyone to be part of the virtual revolution.

“Ctrl V: Where reality takes a backseat, and dreams unfold in the immersive tapestry of virtual adventures.”

The expansion, however, isn’t just about numbers; it’s about finding the right partners. Ctrl V’s eligibility criteria for choosing a franchise owner go beyond the usual checkboxes. While leadership skills, financial preparedness, and team orientation are crucial, Ctrl V places particular emphasis on qualities like grit, moxie, and a genuine enthusiasm for community engagement. The franchisees are not just business owners; they are ambassadors of joy, bringing virtual reality experiences to communities. Expectations from franchise owners are simple yet profound. If they embody Ctrl V’s core values, live them earnestly, and possess the passion to work hard and network within their communities, success is not just expected—it’s inevitable.

But Ctrl V doesn’t stop at initial training. The support for franchise owners extends far beyond, creating a nurturing ecosystem for success. One-on-one ongoing business coaching, peer performance groups, a franchise advisory council, and a comprehensive training knowledge base ensure that franchisees have the tools and guidance needed for growth. Hotline support, marketing assistance, and continuous tech support are just a call away. Ctrl V is not just a franchisor; it’s a partner invested in the success of its franchisees.

The heartbeat of Ctrl V lies in its franchisee family. The culture and camaraderie amongst franchisees are the building blocks of success. Happy and successful franchisees are not just a preference; they are the priority. Ctrl V understands that the strength of the brand lies in the satisfaction and prosperity of those who carry its flag.

What do franchisees say about Ctrl V as a franchisor? The testament to Ctrl V’s success lies in the renewed agreements and the desire of franchisees to open additional locations. The culture and support system built within the Ctrl V family ensure that everyone is moving in the same direction—towards success, joy, and the limitless possibilities of virtual reality.

As Ctrl V continues to craft realities and build dreams, the story unfolds like a grand tapestry. Each new location becomes a chapter, every happy franchisee a character, and each delighted customer contributes to the plot—a narrative woven with threads of innovation, passion, and the shared joy of experiencing virtual reality. This journey persists, fueled by the unwavering passion to redefine reality, one virtual adventure at a time.

“Elevating lives through the joy of virtual reality—Ctrl V, not just a franchise, but a story woven with innovation, passion, and the shared delight of every customer’s experience.”