Illuminate Your World with Elite Window Cleaning – More than Crystal Clear Views!

Elite Window Cleaning, a beacon of excellence in the world of window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and home detailing. Established in 2012 in Kingston, Ontario, Elite Window Cleaning started with a borrowed car, a bucket, and a vision to transform the industry. Today, we proudly stand with 8 franchise locations across Canada and a commitment to continuous expansion. We at EliteX, are proud to introduce Elite Window Cleaning as one of The 10 Most Iconic Franchises in 2023.

Chris Stoness | Founder | Elite Window Cleaning

The journey began in 2006 when our founder, Chris Stoness, transitioned from the music industry to the world of window cleaning. Captivated by the vast potential in the industry, Chris envisioned a modern approach to window cleaning. In 2012, Elite Window Cleaning was born in Kingston, Ontario, with a mission to redefine the standards of window cleaning. Since then, Elite Window Cleaning has evolved into a trailblazer, utilizing cutting-edge technology that enables us to clean windows up to six stories from the safety of the ground. We take pride in our unique selling point – the seamless integration of technology into every aspect of our business, ensuring safety, efficiency, and a flawless customer experience.

“See the world through a clearer lens with Elite Window Cleaning – where crystal-clear views meet excellence in service.”

At Elite Window Cleaning, we go beyond cleaning windows; we aim to create an exceptional experience for our customers, provide lucrative opportunities for our franchise partners, and offer fulfilling jobs for our technicians. Our flat-rate pricing model eliminates surprises, and our Back Office Support System ensures a hassle-free process for customers to schedule services at their convenience.

Our Motto – The Elite PHD: Perfect Windows, Happy Technicians, Delighted Customers:

Our guiding star, the Elite PHD, encapsulates our commitment to perfection, satisfaction, and joy in every aspect of our operations. Elite is a community of individuals who consistently push boundaries and elevate our business to new heights. True fulfillment comes from witnessing the growth of our people, be it a technician finding a creative solution or a franchise partner surpassing ambitious goals.

Our Purpose:

Elite Window Cleaning isn’t just about cleaning windows; it’s about providing an amazing experience, creating opportunities, and leaving a trail of happy people wherever we go.

Our Entrepreneurial Spirit:

Elite Window Cleaning was not just a business venture for me; it was a calling driven by a passion for entrepreneurship inherited from a family of pioneers. The decision to delve into the window cleaning industry was born out of a profound belief in the potential for transformation within an antiquated space. Having experienced the industry from a technician’s perspective, I recognized the opportunity for change and innovation. By focusing on the future and adopting modern tools and systems, I aimed to disrupt the status quo and gain a significant advantage over competitors.

Our target market is as broad as the expanse of windows we clean. Whether residential, commercial, or institutional, if there’s a window in need of a polish, we’re ready to make it shine. With our flat-rate pricing, integrated technology, and streamlined purchasing process, our services are not only accessible to everyone but also ensure a hassle-free experience.

In 2022, Elite Window Cleaning joined forces with Happinest Brands, a leading home service franchise brand group in the US. This collaboration has provided the horsepower and support needed to continue our growth in Canada and launch a sister brand in the US—Sparkle Squad. Our vision for the next five years is ambitious: more than 50 Canadian locations for Elite and over 100 locations for Sparkle Squad.

Choosing franchise owners is a crucial aspect of our growth strategy. We seek “Empire Builders” – individuals with the drive and dedication to grow a substantial business in their territory. With market opportunities spanning residential, commercial, and institutional sectors, we’re looking for owners who aspire to be market dominators, align with our values, and want to build teams dedicated to delivering the Elite PHD every day.

We expect our franchise owners to fully commit to the success of their ventures. Entrepreneurship demands dedication, and we anticipate owners to maximize their opportunities by adhering to the proven model of success. Trusting the system we’ve developed is fundamental to navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship while maintaining a solid foundation.

“At Elite Window Cleaning, we don’t just clean windows; we illuminate your surroundings, leaving you with a brighter perspective.”

Ongoing Support Beyond Training:

Our commitment to franchisee success extends beyond initial training. The Back Office Support System (BOSS) is a testament to this commitment. From centralized marketing systems to a full call center and an automated CRM system, the BOSS is designed to ease the daily management load on franchise partners. With front-end technology and the BOSS system at their disposal, our franchise partners gain a clear advantage in their markets.

Franchisee Testimonials:

The sentiment from our franchisees speaks volumes. Their love for this business is evident in articles, validation calls, and all-hands meetings. They appreciate our dedication to their success, our collaborative culture, and the economic freedom that the Elite Window Cleaning franchise model provides. Franchising, in its truest form, becomes a symbiotic relationship where both franchisees and franchisor work towards the same objective—creating strong unit-level economics to grow incredible local businesses with national support.

Join Elite Window Cleaning and Sparkle Squad in illuminating windows and futures across North America. Together, we’re not just cleaning windows; we’re transforming lives and landscapes. We invite you to experience the Elite difference. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and a customer-centric approach, Elite Window Cleaning is your go-to partner for crystal clear views and a service that goes beyond expectations.

Illuminate your world with Elite Window Cleaning – where every window tells a story, and every customer is left delighted.

“Join us in transforming more than just windows – let Elite Window Cleaning bring clarity, joy, and a touch of brilliance to your world.”