Presotea: Brewing Tradition with a Fresh Twist

In the heart of Taiwan, a fifth-generation tea expert embarked on a journey to revolutionize the age-old tradition of tea crafting. This visionary individual, part of a renowned Taiwanese tea processing and manufacturing lineage, found inspiration during a trip to Italy, witnessing the artistry of crafting a cup of freshly extracted Espresso. The spark of an idea ignited—a vision to merge the swiftness of Espresso brewing with the rich flavors of Taiwanese tea.

Chen Mei Yen | Founder | Presotea

In 2006, this vision materialized into reality, giving birth to Presotea, a trailblazing franchise that combined the heritage of Taiwanese tea with modern innovation. Presotea quickly became a household name in Taiwan and beyond, with over 400 franchises dotting the global landscape.

As the franchise blossomed, Presotea evolved into a global phenomenon with a robust presence in key regions. Across 18 stores in Australia, 67 in Canada, and 27 in the United States, Presotea stood as the epitome of Taiwan’s international bubble tea prowess. In 2023, the franchise celebrated its grand entrance into the Middle East, marking yet another milestone in its global expansion strategy. Presotea’s mission goes beyond brewing exceptional tea; it’s about staying true to one’s original aspiration and embracing life’s unique flavors. The tagline “Stay Fresh” encapsulates this commitment, urging individuals to find their own taste of life, be authentic, and honor their values. In the ever-changing world, Presotea advocates for freshness—fresh taste, fresh choices, and a fresh perspective.

What sets Presotea apart is its dedication to quality—from Tea Farm-to-Table. As one of the few tea makers in Taiwan with its own processing factory and a 500-hectare tea farm, Presotea ensures a steady supply of premium-quality tea leaves. A whopping 73% of the ingredients used in Presotea’s products come directly from its parent company-owned factory, ensuring unparalleled quality consistency. The brand’s unique “espresso-style” brewing technique is a testament to its commitment to purity. Presotea pioneers this method, preserving the pure essence of tea through high temperature and high-pressure mastery. The state-of-the-art brewing system ensures cleanliness, prevents over-oxidation, and guarantees zero waste. With a 60-second freshly brewed guarantee, Presotea stands out in an industry where bulk brewing is the norm.

“In franchising, you’re buying into a proven successful business model. Presotea is not just a franchise; it’s a partnership built on passion, quality, and mutual success.”

Presotea’s purpose goes beyond serving a cup of tea; it’s about delivering an experience. Each cup, brewed to order right in front of the customer, ensures that they savor the true essence of tea. It’s not just about the beverage; it’s about the ambiance, the comfort of the store, and the joy of enjoying an excellent cup of Presotea. But Presotea’s purpose extends even further—to environmental sustainability. Partnering with smallholders for tea cultivation, every cup of Presotea contributes to this eco-friendly initiative. Customers can enjoy their tea guilt-free, knowing that they are playing a part in supporting environmental sustainability.

“Presotea: Brewing Tradition, Savoring Innovation, Crafting Dreams”

As the CEO of Presotea, Ms Chen’s utmost values revolve around fostering a corporate culture rooted in integrity, honesty, care, and innovation. These principles shape the foundation of Presotea sustainability efforts and contribute to creating a win-win scenario for all stakeholders. Presotea is not just a brand; it’s a commitment to excellence, a promise to deliver the world’s first freshly brewing tea experience.

Presotea journey began with a dream—to infuse color and diversity into traditional tea culture. Originating from Asia, we embarked on a global odyssey, settling in multiple cities, and leaving an indelible mark on the international stage. Today, Presotea takes pride in serving the finest quality drinks to customers from all corners of the world. Presotea is more than a beverage; it’s a daily companion, bringing simple joys to people’s lives. We call on individuals to be kind to themselves, to share a cup of happiness, and contribute to creating a beautiful world.

The Genesis: A Journey from Tea Tradition to Modern Innovation

The roots of Presotea trace back to Ms Chen’s husband, a fifth-generation scion of a Taiwanese tea processing and manufacturing dynasty. Beyond tea manufacturing, Presotea ventured into supplying raw materials for bubble tea products domestically and internationally. The spark for Presotea’s unique concept ignited during an Italian sojourn, where the artistry of extracting Espresso sparked the idea of adopting a similar approach for tea. The vision was to use a speedy brewing process, akin to espresso machines, to capture the original fresh flavor of tea leaves. This idea led to extensive research and development, culminating in the creation of Presotea in 2006. The goal was clear: to revolutionize the bubble tea industry with a commitment to freshness and innovation.

Expanding Horizons: From Taiwan to the World

The international journey began when a Taiwanese resident in Australia sought a unique and trendy Taiwanese bubble tea brand. The freshness of Presotea’s tea brewing machine at the Taiwan Franchise Expo caught his eye, leading to the first overseas franchise contract. The debut store in Perth, Australia, garnered attention and set the stage for a wave of franchised stores. From there, we expanded to Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the U.K., and the U.S. Since 2013, we’ve been leaving our mark on global markets, creating a ripple effect of tea aficionados worldwide.

Targeting Diverse Markets: From Middle East to North America

Presotea’s reach has extended to the Middle East, with franchised outposts in Jordan and Dubai. Simultaneously, aggressive expansion continues in the U.S. and Canada, where Presotea currently boast more than 120 stores. Our target markets include European countries and Central and South America, as we strive to introduce the world to the unparalleled freshness of Presotea.

Future Aspirations: ISO 9001, ESG, and Global Expansion

Looking ahead, Presotea Taiwan Headquarter is steadfastly moving toward ISO 9001 certification and implementing ESG (Environmental Protection, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance) planning. Recently awarded the Taiwan Franchise Certification, we aspire to achieve the highest honor—the Taiwan Franchise Award. Presotea’s future plans encompass connecting international, governmental, social, and environmental aspects to support sustainable development. As Presotea inch towards 2028, the goal is to have more than 600 stores globally, cementing Presotea’s status as the epitome of freshness, innovation, and a rich tea tradition with a modern twist.

“Presotea’s variety and flavors are its strengths, inspiring confidence in drink quality, marketing strategy, and support for our franchise owners.”

Eligibility Criteria for Prospective Franchise Owners:

Presotea places great emphasis on selecting franchise owners who align with our vision and values. We seek international partners with specific capabilities:

  1. Experience in the Food and Beverage Industry: A background in the industry is advantageous.
  2. Legal Entities with Clean Records: Possession of overseas companies with clean legal entities and no negative bank credit records.
  3. Financial Stability: Good bank credit records, no criminal history, and no bankruptcy records.
  4. Business Demonstration Unit: Established more than one direct store to serve as a business demonstration unit for employee training.
  5. Logistics Support: Comprehensive domestic logistics capabilities to support delivery services.
  6. Franchise Headquarters Establishment: Assistance in establishing local franchise headquarters and training centers.
  7. Full-Time Operation: Commitment to full-time operation, avoiding an “investor mentality,” demonstrating strong economic ability, and actively participating in brand market development.

Shared Perspectives and Objectives: Alignment with the enterprise’s perspectives and objectives, along with a passion for operating the business.

Expectations from Franchise Owners:

Presotea expects franchise owners to be dynamic contributors to the success of the brand. Key expectations include:

  1. Local Market Understanding: A keen understanding of local markets, consumer preferences, and industry trends.
  2. Collaboration with Headquarters: Working closely with the headquarters to align strategies with the brand’s vision and contributing valuable insights to keep the brand innovative.

Support Beyond Initial Training:

Presotea is committed to the long-term success of its franchisees and offers ongoing support beyond the initial training. This includes:

  1. Centralized Supply: Continuous supply of raw materials and equipment.
  2. Area Assessment: Research and evaluation of the local market.
  3. Store Design and Equipment Planning: Assistance in designing stores and planning equipment placement.
  4. Logistic Management: Support in headquarters planning and logistic management.
  5. Professional Advice: Continuous professional advice and counseling.
  6. Standard Operating Procedures: Guidelines for standardized operations.
  7. New Product Development: Participation in discussions for new product development.
  8. Material Advice: Guidance on the first shipment of materials.
  9. Marketing Planning: Assistance in marketing planning and advice.

    Franchisee Testimonials:

    Here’s what our current franchise owners are saying about us:
  • The Taiwan headquarters team is professional and helpful, making me feel like I’m part of a big family.”
  • “Presotea’s brewing process is extremely professional and exceptional.”
  • “Variety and flavors are the strengths of Presotea.”
  • “We chose Presotea for its international stature, quality, and global presence.”
  • “The new brewing technology inspired us, and we believe in the success of this brand strategy.”
  • “Presotea provides confidence in drink quality, marketing strategy, and support.”
  • “In franchising, you’re buying into a proven successful business model.

    For more insights and testimonials, check out the video: Presotea Franchise Testimonials

    Presotea is not just a franchise; it’s a partnership built on passion, quality, and mutual success. Join us in crafting the future of tea innovation!

    In the vast landscape of bubble tea, Presotea emerges not just as a franchise but as a tradition bearer, blending the old and the new to craft a narrative of taste, innovation, and authenticity. So, step into the world of Presotea, where tradition meets innovation, and every sip tells a story of heritage and freshness.

    “Presotea is more than a beverage; it’s a daily companion, bringing simple joys to people’s lives. We call on individuals to be kind to themselves, to share a cup of happiness, and contribute to creating a beautiful world.”