UCMAS – Backing Up Numerically

Prof. Dr Dino Wong | Founder & President | UCMAS International Headquarters


One of the greatest inventions of humankind was the abacus. An abacus is a calculating tool used for mathematical purposes used by ancient civilizations. The psychological benefits of the abacus are plenty. A company which has been at the forefront of the abacus revolution is UCMAS.

About UCMAS:

The abbreviation UCMAS stands for Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System and is a globally established mental math program for children aged 5-13 years. It has been in business for 30 years. UCMAS is the brainchild of Prof. Dr.Dino Wong.

As of today, We are having 6000 ++ learning centres globally covering 5 continents.

Prof. Dr Dino Wong | Founder & President | UCMAS International Headquarters

The Uniqueness Of Ucmas

Prof. Dr. Dino Wong describes UCMAS is Probably one of the best brain development education provider, arm with its noble mission statement “To Learn To Serve To Excel” bac(king) the company with the strength to give only the best to our children worldwide.

What makes UCMAS stand out from other mental math programmes across the world is that, UCMAS education program is scientifically proven and supported by established Universities‘ research.

Though we are providing arithmetic training, our students will not only excel in calculations and mathematics but most importantly their Concentration, Observation, Memory, Imagination, Creativity, Judgment, Application, Reasoning and Self Confidence
(COMIC JARS)  will be improved and enhanced. 

Prof. Dr Dino Wong | Founder & President | UCMAS International Headquarters

The Ceo Speaks:

As the Company CEO Alexan Wong emphasize the desire to be different as the most valuable assets of his company and its culture. This desire transformed UCMAS from a small Enrichment Centre to now having learning centres on 5 continents. It’s this very same desire that has transformed UCMAS to go beyond its capability from selling product to selling “A BRAND & A FUTURE”, proudly asserts Alexan Wong.

The Transformation Journey:

UCMAS began its journey in 1993 from a humble enrichment centre in Malaysia to become one of the largest Abacus Mental Arithmetic education providers in the world.

The founder (Prof Dr. Dino Wong) during the 90’s found that most children have learning difficulties. When he did an up-close understanding; he found that most children have weak concentration skills especially when the teacher is teaching in the class, they are easily distracted. Further, the memory and imagination power skill is not being utilised fully.

When he did his research on this matter, he came across Abacus. With further understanding of ABACUS, he has found that it is the only educational tool that can improvise children’s Mental Development which boosts the children’s concentration, memory and imagination.

But why an ancient education tool such as Abacus can help the student in this modern era? It is because Abacus as an education tool has a Semi-Imaginative Power. But at that time there aren’t any in the market. At that moment he asked himself if just promoting and selling this education tool @ Abacus, will the children or parents understand? He believed the answer is “NO” due to even himself need to research and study than only understand its benefit.

That is why at that moment he created an education program call UCMAS. He knew that with the right education system and technique this powerful Abacus Education Tool will benefit the children. Therefore since 1993, he has not looked back but instead packed with a strong motivation to give the best education to all Malaysian students.

There is a saying “A strong Nation comes from Strong People”, this UCMAS Mental Arithmetic & Abacus Education system in merely a few years have benefited not only Malaysian children but Overseas children.

Prof. Dr Dino Wong | Founder & President | UCMAS International Headquarters

The Way Ahead:

UCMAS has existed since 1993 from a small enrichment centre to what it is now. The company understand that The Brand, The System & The Product cannot be stagnant, instead it has to be constant upgrade to fulfil the customer and business partner expectation.

Therefore Alexan Wong and his team plan in the next 5 years to double the presence of UCMAS in every corner of the world and reach out to not less than 50 million children worldwide. With the incorporation of IT in their Product and usage of Social Media Marketing. Alexan Wong firmly believes “Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds future” but if he doesn’t go faster many children will miss this opportunity.

In the process to ensure that UCMAS reaches every corner of the world and benefited the children, UCMAS believes that the fastest way to do this is through the Franchise concept. This method of technology or Whole Brain Development Education transfer compare to traditional education system operation will ensure the educators in that country will spread the wonder of UCMAS education faster. Other than that UCMAS HQ [Franchisor] has embark the journey to train educators in the world about UCMAS lessons and philosophy through physical and online training.

The Franchisee:

UCMAS   have a checklist for choosing its franchisee. Its only eligibility criteria are that the franchisee should be energetic, vibrant, committed, responsible, and highly motivated. UCMAS is not a one-time franchise business; instead, it is lifetime business cooperation. It not only supports their franchisee in technique knowledge upgrade but also in the entire business operations where to name a few:- business operation training, advertisement, events and digital business implementation.

UCMAS started with a traditional way of abacus training and developed into a whole brain development teaching programme. Our technique and teaching method had been constantly upgraded over the year to meet the new generation’s expectations. We had the
duties to contuniely train our franchisees on the latest upgrade and support them to localize the UCMAS programme into their local culture.

Prof. Dr Dino Wong | Founder & President | UCMAS International Headquarters