Elite CEOs To Watch, 2022


Rob Qualls

“I am always concerned about consumers understanding the risks associated with inadequate smoke and fire protection, especially our innocent children.”

Daniel Vertachnik

Security is the most imperative word of the 21st century. In a world where it is a global village and data is the new oil protecting this data from falling into unsafe hands becomes a challenge. That’s when Twenty20 Solutions comes into the picture.

Grove Higgins

Springs Soft Tissue, Inc. DBA Neuroathlete & Chiropractic Clinic a venture of Grove L. Higgins, Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) is a hub for generating rapid results through direct, targeted changes to your nervous system, so one feels better and gets back to doing the things they love.

Josh Usheroff

Black Box Productions ensures that the creative treatment for their videos will resonate with their client’s target audience to achieve desired outcomes. They help brands use video to connect with their audiences. The productions move the needle to shape brand perception and client buying behaviour.

Mark Rippen

Diabetes is one of the most threatening lifestyle diseases of this century. Constantly not maintaining sugar levels can have disastrous consequences on the metabolism and other organs.

Mikael Hoier

Mikael, the visionary CEO of Lowenco believes in creating a better world, by supplying much more sustainable and innovative ultra-low temperature solutions to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Mikael reinstates that every solution that Lowenco develops is a manufacturing marvel, which aims to save energy when put in use and has zero degrees of compromise with quality and performance.

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