Mikael Hoier – The Green Steps Ahead

Mikael Hoier | CEO | Lowenco

In the recent times, finding ‘solution’ to any industry challenge is no longer a problem, rather finding a ‘sustainable solution’ is. There can be no second thought about the fact that humankind is facing extreme problems like climate change and there is an imbalance in the environment. The situation has become grave due to actions of humans, their innovations and their ideas of progress & development.

Better late than never, various organisations have started finding such solutions for their industrial needs that will minimise its impact on the environment. One such organisation is Lowenco, which caters to needs of pharmaceutical products. Lowenco gets its name from the concept of low energy cooling. The organisation manufactures products for industrial solutions with one strong principle that is reducing energy consumption hence saving environment. Lowenco offers large-scale ultra-low temperature freezer storage solutions, where the highest quality goes hand in hand with highest possible safety. These products are best in performance, cost-efficient and also environmental friendly at the same time.

“Happy and inspired people bring out better results, better results lead to success and success makes people happy.”


Mikael, the visionary CEO of Lowenco believes in creating a better world, by supplying much more sustainable and innovative ultra-low temperature solutions to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Mikael reinstates that every solution that Lowenco develops is a manufacturing marvel, which aims to save energy when put in use and has zero degrees of compromise with quality and performance. The sole purpose of putting so much hard work and effort into the development of such products is to bring about a sustainable shift in existing-used products and make this world a better place to live. Each product manufactured at Lowenco is introduced to cut down the energy consumption and eventually reduce the carbon footprints.

Mikael has not been directly associated with Lowenco from the start. He was the General Manager of a company supplying temperature transmitters to Lowenco. One day when Mikael was reaching back to his car from the Lowenco warehouse, his inner-self spoke to him about the affirmation that, this is the company, one-day he wants to be a part of. Quick three years into the future and Mikael joined Lowenco serving the role of a Sales Director/CCO. On the very first day, the owner of Lowenco passed on one simple message to Mikael, he has to build up a sales organization and grow the company. Inspired by the words, Mikael made up his mind and took the opportunity as a challenge.


From day one, Mikael guided his efforts in bringing on table the best product solutions for healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Though the solutions were unique and ideal to save the environment, it was not easy to sell it to potential target audience. A few years down the lane, the innovative solutions started making a place in the hearts and minds of people. The market actually started having faith in modified technological solutions by Lowenco. Through his passion, compassion and deterrent efforts, Mikael took Lowenco to new heights of success. Bringing out of box solutions and proving his mettle in the industry, Mikael bagged the position of CEO in the company in the year 2020.

Mikael being at a position where he can drive changes in lives of people, very well understands his responsibility and believes in building an inspiring and happy work environment for all. He has always given a lot of importance to the employees. He trusts that as a leader, one needs to take care of each and every team member. A leader can just not dictate from behind the screen, rather a leader has to live and lead by example. Much before creating a culture, a leader’s behaviour becomes the culture understood Mikael.

In the past Mikael has worked with the companies which were not performing well and showed constant fall in the revenue. It was Mikael who understood the need of the hour and built a team which could save the sinking ship. He hired such people who believed in themselves and took full responsibility for their actions. Having such people in team, made his tasks much easy and it was possible for him to find a breakthrough in the deadlock situation.

“I have always had – and will continue having, ambitions and clear goals with my career.” 

Taking inspiration from Kelly Clarkson’s song, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” Mikael ascertains that on the path of development and growth there will be challenges. All we need to do is learn from those challenges and become a better version of ourselves. There should be attitude and approach such, that inspires others. One should always train his/her mind to give out the best of efforts and not always think of what they will be getting in return. It goes the other way round as well. Leaders should also think of giving their best to the employees, and not just expect their team members to keep working for them. There should be a mutual feeling of selflessness among both leaders and team members for smooth functioning and growth of the company.

Having dedicated so much time with the company and the employees, Mikael envisions to expanding sales, service and production teams and bring out the best for the company as well as the clients. He is also working towards doubling the company strength in coming years. By doing so, he wants to bring value to the clients and also focus on creating sustainable solutions for the industry and make this world a better place to live.

“We need to learn every day – this is what develops us as persons, as companies – as well as the whole world.”