Influential Women in Consulting, 2024

Making A Difference Consulting, LLC.

Angela C. Flowers

Angela C. Flowers is a leading figure in the consulting industry, serving as the co-owner of Making A Difference Consulting, LLC. With 20 years of experience as a licensed independent social worker with supervisor designation and a trained mental health clinician, Angela’s journey into consulting began in 2007. Witnessing the unmet mental health needs within K-12 school districts and post-secondary institutions inspired her to co-found Making A Difference Consulting, LLC. Over the years, Angela’s dedication has led the company to provide a diverse range of services including educational consulting, mental health counseling, non-profit consultation, program design and management for youth-serving organizations, and small business development coaching.


Anna Vasiukhno

Anna Vasiukhno, the dynamic force behind A-HR, a leading HR consulting and recruitment company based in Ukraine. With a passion for empowering individuals and organizations, Anna has been steering her team since 2016, providing unparalleled HR and business consulting services across diverse sectors and geographies. Anna’s journey in the consulting field has been nothing short of inspiring. Fueled by a desire to make a meaningful ethical impact, she draws from a rich background of experiences in telecoms, IT & software, and banking & insurance.

BetaFly Brandmakers

Giuliana Tranquilini

Giuliana Tranquilini is a woman of boundless curiosity and unyielding passion, driven by a profound interest in understanding human behavior and communication as fundamental means of forging connections. As the co-founder of BetaFly Brandmakers, a pioneering Personal Branding consultancy, Giuliana has carved her niche in the industry by developing the revolutionary FLY® Method.

INDEVCO Consultancy

Maya Khalife

Maya Khalife, Principal Sales for INDEVCO Consultancy, a consulting firm with over 60 years of experience in helping businesses create long-term, sustainable value and accelerate growth. With more than 18 years of experience in consultancy and specialization in Strategy, Transformation, Customer Delight & Digital Marketing, Maya is a proud Arab woman and mother of two boys and one girl.

Self-Care Journey Coaching

Jeanne Agius

Jeanne Agius is a multi-passionate corporate escapee turned Digital Marketing Headhunter for a recruitment agency called Match and Fable and a career strategist. She is also a certified holistic health and life coach, mom of two, and founder of her consulting company.

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