Advocating for Women in Business: Insights from Maya Khalife

Maya Khalife, Principal Sales for INDEVCO Consultancy, a consulting firm with over 60 years of experience in helping businesses create long-term, sustainable value and accelerate growth. With more than 18 years of experience in consultancy and specialization in Strategy, Transformation, Customer Delight & Digital Marketing, Maya is a proud Arab woman and mother of two boys and one girl.

Maya advocates for women in business as she believes in promoting gender equality, breaking down gender stereotypes and biases. She recognizes that having more women in leadership positions can lead to better business outcomes, as companies with more diverse leadership teams tend to be more innovative, make better decisions, and have higher financial returns.

“As Arab women in business, we bring diversity of perspective and a different communication style to the table, emphasizing on collaboration, relationship-building, and empathy.”

She believes that women bring a lot of value to the table in business and organizations, with their communication style different from men, emphasizing collaboration, relationship-building, and empathy. Women are also skilled in multitasking and bring diversity of perspective to create a more innovative and creative business environment. While balancing work and family responsibilities can be challenging, women who build supportive networks, advocate for themselves, and seek out training and development can overcome challenges and excel in their careers.

Maya stays motivated and continues to push forward in the face of obstacles and setbacks by staying focused on her goals and being highly optimistic. She celebrates small wins and big accomplishments with the team to build momentum and uses failures as an opportunity to learn and grow. She counts on support, teamwork, and collaborations to succeed in business and achieve organizational vision.

To balance personal and professional life, Maya prioritizes her tasks and makes time for engagements based on importance and urgency, marking them written in her online calendar. She ensures the time spent with her family is quality time, adapts her schedule to work or personal demands, and schedules personal time for her health and well-being.

“To succeed in both personal and professional life, prioritize your tasks, stay organized, and make time for self-care and meaningful relationships.”

Maya believes that networking and building relationships are critical to the success of any business, as they help build a strong support network, gain new customers, and access new opportunities. She leverages these strategies by fostering positive relationships with clients, colleagues, mentors, and other professionals to navigate challenges and achieve organizational goals.

To aspiring women who are just starting out, Maya advises them to sharpen their expertise and become a reference in their area, communicate their goals clearly and boldly, participate actively in discussions and projects, and prioritize work-life balance. By following these guidelines, women can achieve their goals and make valuable contributions to their organizations.

“Having more women in leadership positions is not only the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing to do for businesses to thrive in a fast-changing environment.”

Bio: Maya Khalifeh is a seasoned senior management executive who partners with private organizations and government entities to facilitate transformational change in line with their strategic vision. Maya is responsible for developing and directing global and regional transformation strategies, which includes optimizing processes, deploying digital tools, implementing systems, and modernizing organization structures. Her expertise lies in experience management (XM) spectrum, encompassing areas such as customer loyalty, citizen happiness, brand evangelism, employee retention, and product marketing. Maya manages strategic partnership programs, growth plans, and advisory boards while having extensive knowledge in CRM systems and integrated omni-channel campaigns. She holds an Executive MBA degree from ESCP Europe, and she is a member of Customer Experience Professional (CXPA) Middle East Regional Leadership Council. Additionally, Maya has received several prestigious global awards and recognitions, such as “Customer Experience Professional of the Year” at 2020 Gulf Customer Experience Awards in Dubai. She is also a Recognized Training Provider (RTP) by the Customer Experience Professional Association (CXPA) in the USA and a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP). Follow Maya Khalifeh on LinkedIn to learn more about her professional journey.