Empowering Change: The Journey of Angela C. Flowers in Consulting

Angela C. Flowers is a leading figure in the consulting industry, serving as the co-owner of Making A Difference Consulting, LLC. With 20 years of experience as a licensed independent social worker with supervisor designation and a trained mental health clinician, Angela’s journey into consulting began in 2007. Witnessing the unmet mental health needs within K-12 school districts and post-secondary institutions inspired her to co-found Making A Difference Consulting, LLC. Over the years, Angela’s dedication has led the company to provide a diverse range of services including educational consulting, mental health counseling, non-profit consultation, program design and management for youth-serving organizations, and small business development coaching. We at EliteX are proud to introduce Angela Flowers as one of the Influential Women in Consulting, 2024.

Angela’s path to success hasn’t been without challenges, particularly as a black woman in consulting. Despite facing obstacles such as pay equity discrepancies and being overlooked for contracts, Angela’s commitment to delivering quality work with documented outcomes has propelled her company forward, positively impacting countless lives. She believes that everyone deserves the chance to live a normal and productive life, regardless of their circumstances, and she sees her work as a beacon of light in the heavy realm of mental health.

Angela underscores the importance of key skills for success in consulting, emphasizing a thirst for knowledge, continuous self-improvement, effective communication, networking, innovation, and rebranding. Fearlessness, asking questions, and cultivating thought partnerships and accountability groups are also essential components of a successful consulting career, particularly for women aiming to excel in the field. Maintaining a work-life balance in such a demanding industry is crucial to Angela, who prioritizes her mental wellness through routines, intentional project selection aligned with personal values, and setting realistic goals. She advocates for taking mindful breaks, spending quality time with family, engaging in hobbies, and ensuring adequate rest and hydration. Angela’s approach to work-life balance serves as a testament to her commitment to holistic well-being in both her professional and personal life.

“Through continuous learning, advocacy for diversity, and unwavering belief in mentorship, we pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future in consulting.” – Angela C. Flowers

One of Angela Flowers’ most cherished projects in her illustrious career is her involvement with the Griot Village project, spearheaded by the Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation. This groundbreaking initiative, inaugurated in 2014, aimed to provide affordable housing and support services for seniors aged 55 and above who were raising minor grandchildren. The project, featuring 40 units of two, three, and four-bedroom homes along with a community center and playground, addressed the unique needs of families facing challenges such as trauma and social issues. Angela’s company, MAD Consulting, played a pivotal role by offering case management services, wrap-around programs, and forging partnerships to cater to the diverse needs of these families. By focusing on mitigating the adverse effects of childhood trauma through holistic support, including counseling, academic assistance, and leisure activities, the Griot Village project has witnessed numerous success stories, transforming lives within the community.

Additionally, Angela takes immense pride in the impact of the youth programs she has developed, which have empowered over 20,000 young individuals, instilling self-esteem, confidence, and emotional regulation skills. Notably, many beneficiaries of these programs have returned as consultants for MAD Consulting, embodying a remarkable full-circle journey of empowerment and mentorship. Reflecting on the evolving landscape of consulting for women professionals, Angela observes a significant shift driven by the rise of female entrepreneurs and women-led businesses. She highlights the increasing comfort among women in showcasing their expertise and creativity through consulting, enabling them to dictate their terms of work and establish pricing models that reflect their true value. Consulting has emerged as a platform where women can thrive, gaining recognition and appreciation for their contributions across various industries.

“Everyone deserves a chance to live a normal and productive life, regardless of their circumstances. My work is a beacon of light in the heavy realm of mental health.” – Angela C. Flowers

Angela Flowers underscores the invaluable role of mentorship and networking in her career trajectory. Engaging with programs such as The Urban League of Cleveland, Jumpstart Inc, As She Rises, and EO Accelerator, Angela has accessed a wealth of resources, mentorship opportunities, and strategic insights. She encourages aspiring women in consulting to seek out similar mentorship and networking avenues, leveraging the wisdom and support of experienced professionals. By actively participating in mentorship programs and networking events tailored to their needs, aspiring consultants can navigate challenges effectively and accelerate their professional growth.

To young women contemplating a career in consulting, Angela offers sage advice rooted in her own experiences. She advises them to seek mentorship, conduct thorough research, and stay abreast of industry trends. Emphasizing the importance of delivering on promises and maintaining realistic pricing, Angela encourages young women to approach consulting with confidence and a spirit of continuous learning. She reminds them that their unique perspectives and skills contribute valuable insights to the consulting landscape, urging them to embrace challenges and pursue their aspirations with resilience and enthusiasm.

Angela Flowers approaches leadership and team management with a blend of directness, empathy, and inclusivity. As a leader, she leads by example, valuing the contributions of her team members and ensuring their well-being both professionally and personally. Angela believes in open communication, transparency, and accountability, fostering an environment where team members feel supported and empowered. She acknowledges that qualities like empathy and multitasking, often associated with women, contribute to effective leadership in the consulting world, while recognizing that these traits are not exclusive to any gender.

Reflecting on the role of diversity and inclusion in consulting projects, Angela emphasizes the primacy of proven results, excellence, and quality work. While diversity and inclusion are integral values within her organization, Angela attributes the success of her projects primarily to the expertise and dedication of her team. By prioritizing excellence and fostering a culture of inclusivity, Angela ensures that her team delivers impactful outcomes that empower the populations they serve.

Angela identifies trauma-informed practices and educator wellness as emerging trends in the education consulting industry. To thrive in these areas, she recommends acquiring relevant certifications, participating in professional development training, and staying updated on industry best practices. Angela underscores the importance of continuous learning and collaboration, highlighting an upcoming on-demand course focused on trauma within the education field as a valuable resource for women consultants. To stay updated on industry trends, Angela utilizes a variety of sources and platforms, including professional networks, industry publications, and online forums. She recommends platforms like LinkedIn and industry-specific websites for women seeking to stay informed in the consulting space. By actively engaging with these resources, women can stay abreast of emerging trends and opportunities in the field.

“Stand in your power, confidently affirm your qualifications and expertise. You are the best!” – Angela C. Flowers

Angela’s organization, MAD Consulting, offers a professional development platform called MAD University, which provides virtual trainings, on-demand courses, and resources for professionals in the consulting field. Through initiatives like MAD University, Angela aims to support the professional development of women in consulting by providing accessible learning opportunities and resources tailored to their needs. When faced with situations where her expertise is questioned or overlooked, Angela relies on her education, experience, and track record of success to assert her credibility. She advises other women to stand in their power, confidently affirming their qualifications and expertise. By maintaining a strong sense of self-assurance and professionalism, women can navigate challenges and assert their value in the consulting industry.

Looking ahead, Angela’s aspirations for the future include expanding her online network to uplift and empower other women in consulting. She envisions leveraging her platform to provide educational resources and support for women entrepreneurs, with a focus on fostering fearlessness and creativity. Additionally, Angela hopes to host a talk show and podcast focused on empowering entrepreneurs and promoting gender equality and diversity in the consulting industry. Through these initiatives, Angela aims to contribute to a future where women thrive as leaders and innovators in consulting.

In conclusion, Angela Flowers epitomizes the essence of leadership, resilience, and empowerment in the consulting industry. Her journey from a dedicated mental health clinician to a visionary leader and entrepreneur is a testament to her unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of others. Through her exemplary work, Angela has not only transformed communities but has also paved the way for other women to thrive in the consulting world. With her dedication to continuous learning, advocacy for diversity and inclusion, and unwavering belief in the power of mentorship, Angela Flowers continues to inspire and uplift women in consulting, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.