10 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs To Look Out For In 2023


LeapZone Strategies

Isabelle Mercier and Margarita Romano


Demee Koch

Demee Koch has worked tirelessly for over two decades to establish her cosmeceutical business. This endeavour of hers was inspired by a transformative idea that had the potential to profoundly alter people’s lives. The vision she had in her eyes became a reality in 2018 with the birth of DE MOI, a compassionate brand rooted in the core principles of integrity and fairness, offering products that are both ethically conscientious and environmentally sustainable.

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The Women In Trucking Association, Inc.

Ellen Voie

The Women In Trucking Association, Inc. a virtual organization was founded in March 2007.  It’s based in Wisconsin but its mailing address is in Virginia.  The 12 member staff members are located in ten states and one in Columbia Women in Trucking Association’s mission is to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments, and minimize obstacles faced by women working in the trucking industry.  The tagline is, “the voice of gender diversity in trucking.”

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From The Hart Management, LLC

Emily Hartstone

Emily Hartstone, a remarkable entrepreneur and the driving force behind From The Hart Management, LLC. Emily’s journey from her childhood passion for excellence to her unwavering commitment to her clients’ success is nothing short of inspirational.

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Lyssa Kayra

In the realm of creative entrepreneurship, Lyssa Kayra stands as a beacon of inspiration and innovation. As the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Paintillio, Lyssa has harnessed her artistic talents and entrepreneurial spirit to create a unique and inclusive platform that celebrates the joy of collaborative art. In this exclusive interview, Lyssa shares the journey of Paintillio, its mission, and her insights as an entrepreneur.

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OCON Healthcare

Keren Leshem

Keren Leshem, a Board Director and the CEO of OCON Healthcare, is a pioneering company in the women’s health arena. The company has developed a unique 3D platform to deliver drugs to the uterus in an innovative, safe, painless, and more anatomically fitting way. OCON Healthcare’s main mission is to move away from harmful oral formulations that have an array of undesirable side effects and/or the need to undergo debilitating hospital procedures due to various conditions and pathologies women suffer from.

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