Demee Koch: Defining Beauty to Define You

Demee Koch | DE MOI

Demee Koch has worked tirelessly for over two decades to establish her cosmeceutical business. This endeavour of hers was inspired by a transformative idea that had the potential to profoundly alter people’s lives. The vision she had in her eyes became a reality in 2018 with the birth of DE MOI, a compassionate brand rooted in the core principles of integrity and fairness, offering products that are both ethically conscientious and environmentally sustainable.

DE MOI expanded rapidly in the following years, establishing a presence on the shelves of prominent beauty retailers in a variety of Arab countries, the United Kingdom, and Japan. This expansion can be attributed to the brand’s unwavering commitment to values that resonate with the ever-changing beauty industry. DE MOI continues to be at the forefront of industry innovation.

In an interview with Elite X Demee Koch speaks about the struggles that she has undergone and the efforts she has put in making DE MOI the efficacious brand it is today.

My unwavering goal is to spark positive change by educating people about the importance of spending wisely on products that benefit society while also protecting the well-being of animals and the environment.

EliteX:  According to you what are THE CORE PRINCIPLES OF INTEGRITY AND FAIRNESS that have contributed to bringing DE MOI to the standard where it stands today?

Demee Koch: DE MOI has been in business for approximately 5 years. It has gained more prominence and made additional developments due to various factors such as:

Unique Ethical Values: The brand’s commitment to cruelty-free, socially relevant, and environmentally responsible products may have resonated with consumers who prioritize ethical and sustainable choices in their beauty and skincare routines.

Quality and Innovation: “DE MOI” has introduced market-leading innovative and high-quality products, which have contributed to its positive reputation. Its exceptional formulations, effective results, and cutting-edge technology continue to draw customers’ attention and loyalty.

Founder’s Story and Advocacy: Demee Koch has gained a following by sharing her personal journey, values, and advocacy for conscious beauty and entrepreneurship. Her public appearances, writings, and media presence aided the brand’s popularity.

Expansion and Distribution: Expanding the brand’s presence across different regions and securing shelf space in well-known beauty product stores led to increased visibility and recognition.

Media Coverage and Publicity: Positive media coverage, reviews, and features in influential publications and platforms helped spread the brand’s name and reputation.

Engaging Marketing and Branding: Memorable branding, engaging storytelling, and effective marketing campaigns contributed to DE MOI’s recognition and fame.

EX: A company having such innovative principles will have an innovative and encouraging motto, tagline and mission statement. What is the motto, tagline and mission statement of your company?

DK: DE MOI is on a never-ending quest to redefine beauty by infusing it with conscious choices and ethical values.

Our mission is to create a realm of beauty that goes beyond appearances by providing cruelty-free, socially impactful, and environmentally conscious products that not only enhance physical beauty but also enrich the essence within.

We aim to spark a movement of positive change by using innovation as our compass and inclusivity as our cornerstone. Our dedication is unwavering, our vision is limitless, and we are reshaping the tapestry of beauty to radiate with integrity, empathy, and empowerment.

We are embarking on an unyielding voyage to redefine the very essence of beauty, from vanity to self-care and self-love.

We would like to create a world where beauty coexists with integrity, compassion, and empowerment. We stand as catalysts for a renaissance of perception, inspiring a global movement of beauty that is not just seen but felt, experienced, and shared—a beauty that emanates from the very core of humanity and radiates outwards, enriching lives and leaving an indelible imprint of purposeful change.

Adaptability is the linchpin in the realm of beauty, a realm that undergoes constant transformation. Swiftly pivoting in response to shifts is crucial, ensuring relevance and resonance. When it comes to innovation, cultivating an open mind to novel concepts and embracing calculated risks serves as an integral compass for progress.

EX: “STARTING A COMPANY EXTRACTS SO MUCH ENERGY AND CONVICTION” What is your main energizer for the foundation of DE MOI?

DK: My personal experiences and moments of inspiration influenced me to embark on my entrepreneurial path. I identified a need or opportunity based on my own experiences or observations.

I felt a strong conviction to offer products that align with my values and ethics, filling a gap in the market for conscious and cruelty-free beauty options. It was a deep-seated desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives and contribute to positive change in the world. This has driven me to create products that are not only beneficial for individuals but also for society and the environment.

What motivated me was the aspiration to empower individuals through beauty. Creating products that enhance self-confidence and self-care while promoting inclusivity and empathy has been a driving force behind my entrepreneurial journey.

I sought to challenge the status quo and slowly disrupt the industry, to challenge conventional beauty standards and practices, introducing a new paradigm of beauty that prioritizes ethics, sustainability, and social responsibility.

EX: The cosmetic industry is one of the industries where there is cutthroat competition. How are you innovating in the industry to stay afloat in the industry and ahead of the competition?

DK: I established and operated a grooming salon that blossomed into a comprehensive one-stop lounge, offering an array of top-tier pampering services in Switzerland. The journey to launch a business in a European country was fraught with challenges, yet my endeavour gained remarkable momentum, swiftly captivating the attention of discerning Swiss clientele. However, it was an impactful incident that reshaped my trajectory entirely.

In a fortuitous turn of events, when a team member fell ill, I found myself stepping into uncharted Dterritory: assisting a courageous cancer survivor seeking delicate eyelash extensions. Witnessing the profound transformation that unfolded before our eyes, a tearful reflection of newfound beauty and confidence, stirred something profound within me. This poignant encounter ignited a relentless determination to explore solutions that would address the unique concerns this resilient individual faced, encompassing temporary lash loss and eye sensitivity. Amidst this pursuit, I also became acutely aware of the dual nature of eyelash extensions—an industry with immense commercial promise yet accompanied by potential pitfalls.

This pivotal moment served as a catalyst, inspiring me to embark on a path of innovation and discovery, one that would not only redefine my business but also impact lives on a profound level.

Every accomplishment I’ve realized is attributed to unwavering commitment and disciplined efforts. Embrace these two essential phrases as the compass guiding your onward journey. It’s not just me saying it, but all the world’s greatest personal growth experts.-Demee Koch

EX: Work holism is the new negative trend which is catching up with many professionals which is leading to adverse effects on the physical & mental health of individuals. How are you staying away from this negativity?

DK: It’s about knowing priorities. I never miss a birthday or an important occasion. When I’m home, I make sure to wake up early to send them off to school, cook their favourite meals as often as possible, engage in fun activities during their free time, and bring them with me when I travel, if feasible. To me, my family comes first, so to effectively pursue my goals, I follow the following strategies.

Set clear boundaries:  By clearly defining my work hours and personal time, and try to stick to those boundaries as much as possible.

Prioritize and set goals:Identify my priorities and set specific goals for both your personal and professional life for efficient time and energy allocation.

Delegate and outsource: Learn to delegate tasks and responsibilities that can be handled by others. I only do the things that make the best out of time and effort.

Practice time management techniques: Use time management techniques such as creating to-do lists, prioritizing tasks, and breaking larger tasks into smaller, manageable chunks. I try to focus on what can be done and leave the rest for the rest day.

Learn to say no: It’s important to recognize your limits and not overcommit yourself.  Learn to say no to tasks or activities that don’t align with your priorities or that you simply can’t take on. Most of my free time is spent with family & friends who matter.

Take care of yourself: Prioritize self-care and make time for activities that help you recharge and relax. This means I give myself mental and physical space to digest everything at work and home and to rejuvenate.

EX: “People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” As an entrepreneur how do you put this quote to practice professionally?

DK: Your success is a direct result of your efforts.

However, a critical prerequisite must be met: the identification of your goals. Your path remains elusive in the absence of defined objectives, and as a result, the actions you take lack true purpose towards achievement.

Observing different lifestyles has always piqued my interest. This pursuit aided me in defining the goal I wanted to achieve. It allowed me to understand the actions of those who had arrived at the very destination I desired. Contemplating the prosperous, I wondered, “What sets them apart? Is it luck or inherent disposition?” With this question in mind, I dedicated years to research, endeavour, observation, and application of the knowledge I gained. It has become clear that the line between achievement and mediocrity is simple. Those who get results are disciplined and are committed, day after day, to doing the things they need to get there. While those who don’t get results are those who live from day to day and who don’t even keep their commitments to themselves.

Introspectively ponder on those who or what instils inspiration within you. Deliberate upon the attributes required to ignite a similar spark in those around you, and strive to internalize and embody them.

EX:  How would you inspire young women who look up to you as their role models?

DK: By giving two pieces of advice:

1. Thriving in the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship demands a commitment to perpetual learning, adaptability, and a spirit of innovation. To maintain a competitive edge, continuous learning becomes pivotal; actively seeking fresh knowledge and honing skills is paramount. Staying abreast of the latest trends and advancements necessitates active engagement such as attending conferences, enrolling in courses, and devouring industry literature.

2. In my career, I’ve used networking and relationship-building to propel my objectives forward. I’ve built an invaluable network by actively engaging with other entrepreneurs, industry experts, mentors, and potential clients. I’ve made connections through networking events, conferences, and online platforms that have resulted in strategic collaborations, insightful advice, and the discovery of untapped markets. These connections have facilitated knowledge sharing, allowing me to stay on top of industry trends and new opportunities. Collaboration with like-minded individuals has resulted in innovative projects and solutions, propelling my company forward. Furthermore, these relationships have increased my credibility and reputation, positioning me as a reliable resource in my field.

Empowering others is an investment not only in your time but in yourself. It’s a deliberate stride that could potentially reshape another’s trajectory, while concurrently enriching your journey through their accomplishments. Some may deem empowering others an insurmountable task, while others find it second nature. However, it’s worth noting that empowerment is an acquirable skill. It’s widely recognized that when someone else believes in our capabilities and grants us empowerment, it fuels us to recognize and unleash our innate potential. Beyond merely impacting the individual, your encouragement resonates throughout the world, cascading its influence back onto you. The culmination of any success is inherently intertwined with the lives and perspectives of those you propel forward.

-Demee Koch