10 Extraordinary HR Leaders to Watch in 2024


Ovell Rome & Associates

Ovell Barbee

Ovell Barbee is the Owner and Principal of Ovell Rome & Associates, widely recognized as a visionary leader in human resources. With a strong passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion, Ovell has held executive leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies across various industries, including Motorola, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, General Motors/OnStar, Spectrum Health (now Corewell Health), and Indiana University Health. 

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The University of Vermont Health Network

Adrina Walker

Adrina Walker, a dynamic HR professional with a unique journey into the field. Adrina’s path in HR was sparked by a perceptive mentor who recognized her untapped potential. With a blend of skills, talent, and a natural inclination towards advocacy, Adrina embraced HR wholeheartedly, finding fulfillment in supporting individuals on their personal and professional paths.

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Eveliene Witjes

Eveliene Witjes, a seasoned HR professional with over 16 years of experience in the field. With a knack for strategizing in people management, Eveliene has played pivotal roles in shaping the HR departments of numerous start-ups and medium-sized companies across the globe. Her journey began at Glue Up (formerly EventBank), a SaaS company based in Singapore, where she dedicated three years to expanding the company’s workforce across various continents, covering more than 60 countries.

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Mallory Herrin

Mallory Herrin, CEO of HerrinHR, a Texas-based HR outsourcing and consulting firm, boasts a rich background in HR spanning over two decades. She initially honed her expertise within various HR specializations such as compensation, talent acquisition, and employee relations while working internally within organizations.

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House of Shipping

Prasanth Edassari

Prasanth Edassari brings over two decades of expertise in people management, backed by an MBA in Human Resource Management from Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom. With a passion for harnessing the power of human potential, he believes in the mantra “Profits through People Power.”

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Susan Chen

Susan Chen has been immersed in the world of HR leadership for over 17 years, spanning across different continents and industries. Her journey began with notable roles in large organizations such as an oil & gas company in Norway, as well as American financial giants like AIG and Visa.

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Fresenius Kabi

Tarkesh Gupta

Tarkesh Gupta, with over 26 years of extensive experience spanning various realms of human resources, administration, and business management, emerges as a stalwart in the HR domain. Currently serving as the CHRO at Fresenius Kabi South Asia, he orchestrates the orchestration of HR operations with finesse and strategic acumen.

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