Transformational Leaders in Healthcare, 2023


Dr. Maxim Ivanchuk

Dr Maxim Ivanchuk is a celebrity plastic surgeon, entrepreneur, and medical influencer. He is a leading expert in plastic surgery, known for his mastery of “Pioneer Procedures” – unique plastic surgery techniques for celebrities that no other plastic surgeon in the world offers. Dr Maxim has helped countless individuals look and feel their best, changing their lives and boosting their confidence.

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Nova Insights

Howard Rosen

Howard Rosen, the CEO of Nova Insights, a leading company at the forefront of digital transformation in the healthcare industry. With a diverse background and extensive experience, Howard is committed to revolutionizing healthcare through the power of technology and innovation.

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Compassionate Helpers

Dr. Lativah Greene

Dr. Lativah Greene, Founder/CEO of Compassionate Helpers based in Los Angeles, CA. The visionary leader and compassionate force behind Compassionate Helpers—a healthcare franchise committed to providing reliable and affordable care services to people of all age groups across the nation.

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American Heart Association

Pamela Garmon Johnson

Pamela Garmon Johnson is a visionary leader dedicated to achieving health equity for all as the National VP of Health Equity and Partnerships and Executive Director of The National Hypertension Control Initiative at the American Heart Association. With unwavering commitment, she collaborates to address injustices leading to poor health and financial outcomes.

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OCON Healthcare

Keren Leshem

Keren Leshem, a Board Director and the CEO of OCON Healthcare, is a pioneering company in the women’s health arena. The company has developed a unique 3D platform to deliver drugs to the uterus in an innovative, safe, painless, and more anatomically fitting way. OCON Healthcare’s main mission is to move away from harmful oral formulations that have an array of undesirable side effects and/or the need to undergo debilitating hospital procedures due to various conditions and pathologies women suffer from.

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Neuroathlete & Chiropractic Clinic

Grove Higgins

Grove L. Higgins, Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) is a hub for generating rapid results through direct, targeted changes to your nervous system, so one feels better and gets back to doing the things they love. Neuroathlete & Chiropractic Clinic ignites a ray of hope among people who face chronic pain and different dysfunctional issues.

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