Empowering Healthcare: The Visionary Journey of Dr. Lativah Greene and Compassionate Helpers

Dr. Lativah Greene, Founder/CEO of Compassionate Helpers based in Los Angeles, CA. The visionary leader and compassionate force behind Compassionate Helpers—a healthcare franchise committed to providing reliable and affordable care services to people of all age groups across the nation.

Background and Experience:

With over 15 years of experience as a successful serial entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, Dr. Lativah Greene has left an indelible mark on the sector. She is the driving force behind a franchise chain encompassing multi-home care, skilled care, private duty agencies, and other healthcare-related businesses. Her mission is to ensure affordable and reliable care for individuals worldwide, working in tandem with her dedicated fellow franchisees.

Awards and Recognition:

Dr. Greene’s dedication and exemplary work have garnered her numerous accolades and honors. She is an award-winning Hall of Fame Honoree, Forbes Next 1000 Honoree, Entrepreneur Franchise 500 Honoree and a valued member of Forbes Women Forum. Her remarkable achievements extend to being listed among the Top 10 Healthcare Leaders of 2023. Moreover, she actively contributes to the culture known as Black Excellence Society and Forbes BLK.

Commitment to Community Service:

Beyond her thriving entrepreneurial ventures, Dr. Greene is deeply committed to giving back to society. She volunteers at various nonprofit organizations, including the American Red Cross and Helping Hands Women Youth Org INC, where she donates essential resources like food, housing, and clothing to those in need.

“Affordable and reliable care for all ages is not just a goal, but a responsibility we embrace with compassion and dedication.”

– Dr. Lativah Greene, Founder/CEO of Compassionate Helpers

Compassionate Helpers, led by Dr. Greene, aims to offer reliable and affordable care services across the nation. They provide franchise opportunities to individuals who share their dedication to serving humanity. Their primary goal is to address the challenge of accessibility to affordable care in the healthcare industry. To achieve this, they have introduced a unique monthly subscription service, offering additional discounts to AARP and Progressive customers on healthcare services. The company is committed to patient-centered care, emphasizing respect for patients’ values, beliefs, and religion, making their needs a top priority in all services provided.

Compassionate Helpers prioritizes effective resource management by utilizing Myezcare and Homebase software solutions to streamline healthcare operations. They emphasize continuous improvement and patient safety, providing rigorous training to their staff for delivering top-quality care. The organization promotes collaboration and diversity, cultivating an inclusive and multidisciplinary environment that values various cultures, backgrounds, and educational expertise among its healthcare professionals.

“Our mission is to bridge the gap and make healthcare accessible, touching lives with empathy and excellence.”

– Dr. Lativah Greene

Compassionate Helpers prioritizes transparency and conflict resolution by conducting weekly Zoom meetings, ensuring that all opinions and concerns are addressed professionally and promptly. Additionally, the organization places a strong emphasis on compliance with healthcare regulations, maintaining a dedicated legal and compliance review team to uphold guidelines and standards. Technology and innovation are integrated into their daily operations, enabling efficient management of customers, tasks, and employees. To further their commitment to accessibility and affordability, Compassionate Helpers offers a monthly subscription plan that provides discounted services, such as ADLs, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and nursing services, catering to underserved populations of all age groups.

Stakeholder Engagement:

Dr. Lativah Greene and her leadership team regularly engage with stakeholders, including patients, staff, and community members. They collect valuable feedback through surveys, ensuring that their voices are heard and incorporated into important healthcare decisions.

To learn more about Compassionate Helpers and their commitment to enhancing the quality of life for families and loved ones, visit their website at www.compassionatehelpers.com  or franchise with us  www.compassionatehelpersfranchise.com

“Through collaboration and innovation, we strive to build a healthcare ecosystem that puts patients at the heart of every decision we make.” – Dr. Lativah Greene, Founder of Compassionate Helpers