Impactful Female Entrepreneurs to Watch, 2024

June Medical

Angela Spang

Angela Spang, a Swedish-born inventor and CEO of June Medical, is making waves in the medical device industry with her innovative Galaxy Retractor invention. At June Medical, Angela leads with a strategic vision, overseeing operations across offices in the USA, UK, and Sweden. Her role extends beyond the boardroom as she traverses the globe, introducing the GalaxyII device to new markets, most recently in Malaysia. 

2nd Chance, Inc.

Edna White

Edna White, a seasoned industry leader and life purpose coach with over three decades of experience, has been dedicated to empowering women to heal, connect, and thrive. Her journey commenced as a co-pastor and youth director, where she fostered community connection and purpose. Later, Edna found success in the real estate sector, eventually becoming a brokerage owner and playing a pivotal role in nurturing confident real estate leaders.

Twin Sisters® Digital Media

Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand

In the dynamic landscape of children’s music and publishing, few names resonate as deeply as Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand. As the CEO and co-founder of Twin Sisters® Digital Media, Karen, alongside her twin sister Kim Mitzo Thompson, has orchestrated a journey of innovation, education, and entrepreneurship that spans over three decades.

Parent Sense

Meg Faure

Meg Faure, a seasoned occupational therapist and infant specialist with over two decades of experience in the parenting industry. As the founder and CEO of Parent Sense, Meg is dedicated to providing personalized parenting solutions through her innovative mobile application. Let’s delve into her entrepreneurial journey and glean insights into her definition of success, pivotal moments, and advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs.

Window Dreams Productions Inc.

Shreya Patel

Shreya Patel, a multifaceted individual with a passion for storytelling, is making waves in the entertainment industry. From her roots as a model to her current roles as an actress, filmmaker, producer, and writer, Shreya has embarked on a journey that is both empowering and impactful. As the founder and Co-CEO of Window Dreams Productions Inc., she has dedicated herself to bringing underrepresented voices to the forefront of the industry.

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