Angela Spang: Trailblazing Entrepreneur in the Medical Device Industry

Angela Spang, a Swedish-born inventor and CEO of June Medical, is making waves in the medical device industry with her innovative Galaxy Retractor invention. At June Medical, Angela leads with a strategic vision, overseeing operations across offices in the USA, UK, and Sweden. Her role extends beyond the boardroom as she traverses the globe, introducing the GalaxyII device to new markets, most recently in Malaysia. We at EliteX are proud to introduce Angela Spang as one of the Impactful Female Entrepreneurs to Watch, 2024.

Angela’s entrepreneurial journey is rooted in a childhood immersed in the world of business, learning invaluable lessons from her parents who ran their respective companies. This early exposure instilled in her the importance of valuing every individual within an organization, a principle she upholds fervently at June Medical. As a female founder, Angela faced significant challenges, including limited access to funding and the unique circumstances of being pregnant at the company’s inception. Despite these hurdles, she forged a path marked by resilience and adaptability, building a team that thrives on flexibility and collective support. For Angela, success in the medical device industry is defined by the acceptance and impact of the devices her company brings to market. Achieving The Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2021 stands as a testament to June Medical’s commitment to excellence and groundbreaking contributions to surgical innovation.

“Leading with purpose and integrity redefines boundaries and inspires future generations of entrepreneurs.” – Angela Spang

Reflecting on pivotal moments in her career, Angela recalls a defining encounter during her tenure as a sales rep with Johnson & Johnson. Confronted with a surgeon’s query about device functionality, Angela’s unwavering commitment to ethical practice and patient safety became abundantly clear. This moment solidified her stance as a trusted partner in the medical community, earning her widespread respect among renowned doctors worldwide. For aspiring female entrepreneurs embarking on their own ventures, Angela Spang offers invaluable advice forged from her own experiences. “Be appropriately pissed off with regards to misogyny,” she asserts, urging women to confront systemic barriers while maintaining a strategic focus. Angela emphasizes the importance of having an exit plan, underscoring the need for objective feedback and the value of hiring individuals who embody courage and complementary skills.

Balancing professional and personal commitments is a skill Angela has honed with discipline and clarity. By prioritizing relentlessly and setting boundaries, she ensures that her attention remains focused on the most impactful tasks each day. Despite the demands of her business endeavors, Angela’s steadfast dedication to her family stays consistent. “Family comes first,” she asserts, a principle that permeates every aspect of her professional journey. Mentorship, Angela believes, plays a pivotal role in the success of an entrepreneur. Reflecting on her own journey, she acknowledges the profound influence of mentors who shaped her relentless pursuit of learning and growth. From her secondary school English teacher to senior leaders who nurtured her ambition, Angela credits her mentors with guiding her towards leadership and resilience.

Innovation is at the heart of Angela’s approach to business, fueled by an insatiable curiosity and a commitment to understanding the intricacies of her industry. By asking questions and embracing new perspectives, she stays ahead of industry trends and adapts to emerging challenges with agility and foresight.

One of the most impactful initiatives spearheaded by June Medical is their commitment to healing obstetric fistula patients in remote areas of Africa. By donating Galaxy retractors to surgeons tackling complex surgeries, Angela and her team are transforming lives and offering hope to women facing unimaginable hardships. This enduring commitment to social responsibility underscores Angela’s dedication to making a meaningful impact beyond the realm of business. Key qualities define Angela Spang’s approach to entrepreneurship, particularly for women in business. Resilience tops the list, as Angela emphasizes the importance of bouncing back from setbacks with unwavering determination. Coupled with a lack of ego and the ability to prioritize collective success over individual glory, Angela’s leadership embodies a spirit of collaboration and adaptability. Furthermore, her knack for charting multiple pathways forward underscores the importance of flexibility and foresight in navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship.

“Innovation fueled by compassion and ethical practice drives meaningful change in entrepreneurship.” – Angela Spang

Creating a positive and inclusive work culture lies at the heart of Angela’s leadership philosophy. By fostering an environment where every team member gains exposure to different roles, Angela cultivates a culture of continuous learning and mutual respect. Internal competition is swiftly addressed, with Angela maintaining a zero-tolerance policy for behaviors that undermine the collaborative spirit essential for organizational success. Innovation is a driving force in Angela’s industry, with technological advancements poised to revolutionize medical practices in the years to come. The integration of AI in medicine and the rise of personalized treatments represent just a glimpse of the transformative trends shaping the future of healthcare. Angela remains vigilant, anticipating regulatory shifts and exploring opportunities to leverage emerging technologies for the benefit of patients and practitioners alike.

As a staunch advocate for gender equality in entrepreneurship, Angela actively engages in initiatives to support and empower women in business. Through mentoring programs and strategic networking efforts, Angela champions the voices of women in male-dominated industries, ensuring that they have equal access to opportunities for growth and success. Navigating failure and setbacks is an inevitable aspect of entrepreneurship, and Angela approaches these challenges with a unique blend of introspection and resilience.

Looking ahead, Angela’s goals for June Medical are driven by a simple yet profound mission: to ensure that surgeons worldwide are aware of the Galaxy Retractor’s existence. With a focus on market expansion and product excellence, Angela envisions a future where her team feels valued and inspired, and where the Galaxy Retractor continues to rapidly grow towards market leadership in surgical retraction. As Angela continues to navigate the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, her unwavering commitment to innovation and inclusivity serves as a guiding light for future generations of business leaders.

Angela Spang’s entrepreneurial journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of resilience, compassion, integrity, and unwavering commitment to making a difference. As she navigates the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, Angela’s dedication to innovation, ethical practice, and social responsibility serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide, inspiring them to lead with purpose and integrity, and redefine boundaries in their respective industries.

“Resilience, integrity, and commitment pave the path to transformative entrepreneurship.” – Angela Spang