10 Inspiring Male Entrepreneurs To Look Out For In 2023


Igor Zijan

Igor Zijan is the Founder and CEO of System Of All LLC, a consulting, research, and development company at the forefront of technological innovation. Throughout his life,  he had been driven by a passion for leadership and entrepreneurship. From an early age, he possessed a strong inclination towards these areas, and any idea or compromise he encountered was transformed into a leadership and entrepreneurship process.

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Gradient Insight

Iu Ayala

Iu Ayala, a visionary entrepreneur who has embarked on a remarkable journey in the world of technology and artificial intelligence. Iu’s path has been marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation and a commitment to making AI accessible to all. In this exclusive interview, we delve into Iu’s entrepreneurial journey, the inspiration behind Gradient Insight, and the strategies that have propelled the company to success.

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Lionel Lodge

Lionel Lodge is a name synonymous with the entertainment industry, a world he has embraced throughout his life. His journey into entrepreneurship is a testament to his ability to seamlessly blend creativity with business acumen. From the very beginning, music was an integral part of Lionel’s life, thanks to his father’s influential presence in the music industry. His upbringing immersed him in a world where creativity flowed freely, but he was equally drawn to the business side of the industry.

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Aviceda Therapeutics

Michael Tolentino

In the world of biotechnology and medical research, there are those who follow established paths, and then there are visionaries who forge new frontiers. Michael Tolentino, a name synonymous with innovation and groundbreaking discoveries, falls into the latter category. From his early days as a child immersed in his father’s pioneering work at Harvard Medical School to his current role as the founder of multiple cutting-edge companies, Tolentino’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

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Salt Creek Partners

Naoto Hall

In the competitive landscape of North America’s middle market M&A advisory realm, one name shines brightly – Naoto Hall, the Managing Director and Head of Investment Banking at Salt Creek Partners (SCP). With a profound entrepreneurial journey rooted in expertise, innovation, and a commitment to community, Naoto has transformed SCP into a powerhouse, leading with integrity and vision.

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Pradeep Goel

Pradeep Goel the founder of Solve. Care has over 30 years of experience in blockchain, finance, technology, and healthcare and has held the positions of CEO, COO, CIO and CTO roles at various insurance, technology and healthcare companies.

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