Zen Massage – The “Massanger” Of Peace

Keith Larson | CEO | Zen Massage Franchising, Inc

Nancy Larson | General Manager | Cornelius and Huntersville Zen Massage Centers

How rejuvenated one feels after a massage! Working the pressure points of your body releases the tension of your body.  One brand that provides all these services at an affordable price is Zen Massage.

Get To Know The Massanger In Detail:

Zen Massage was founded in Charlotte in 2007 and currently operates nine franchised centers in Las Vegas, Kansas City, Greater Charlotte NC, and Charleston, SC. The company encompasses its motto and mission statement in just one message: “No Contracts, No Membership Fees – No Hassles!” The company’s tagline is, “Close your Eyes and Count to Zen!”

The Ceo Gives The Massage Message:   

Keith Larson – Owner/Chief Executive Officer, proudly describes his services:

Zen Massage provides high-quality licensed, professional massage and skin care treatments, in a relaxing Zen Environment, with No contract or membership fee hassles – just everyday low prices!”

As a CEO he certainly values their fundamental business model for consumers – and also their approach of lower costs and fees for franchisees. But culturally, he appreciates their franchisees, who have embraced and internalized the Zen Massage model in their markets and created the Zen Experience for clients. “Additionally, we love our independent contractor therapists and estheticians. They are dedicated professionals and beautiful spirits who love using their ‘healing hands’ in treatment, and love the vibe and approach of Zen Massage.”

“We’ve taken the approach of ”getting things right” for the past few years. We now have systems and people in place to support more significant growth, and things are percolating!” Larson said.

Consumers try us because of our No Contracts – No Membership Fees approach, but they stay with us because of the fabulous, rejuvenating “Zen” experience they receive. Our tagline, “Close your Eyes and Count to Zen!” was created after research interviews with scores of Zen clients, who described in gushing terms how they feel about their Zen experience.

-Keith Larson

The Consumer Message:

So what makes Zen Massaging different from other massaging services?

Keith replies:

Our USP IS “No Contracts, No Membership Fees – No Hassles.” Consumers hate contracts and membership requirements and switch to other options as soon as they have a choice. Zen Massage is the better option in professional massage and skin care.

When asked to describe their target market Keith answered the following:  

To sum it up very simply and in business terms: If there’s a Target store in a neighbourhood, there should probably be a Zen Massage Center, too!

The Massage Back Story:

Zen Massage was founded by a wellness professional with a better idea in a neighbourhood Charlotte business district. The Center was an immediate success and franchising opportunities followed. Candidly, the founder was not the right person to develop and scale an accurate franchise system. The franchise business was sold to its current ownership (Zen Massage Franchising, Incorporated, led by experienced franchise professionals) in 2010 who have taken a slower-growth, “Do it right,” approach to their expansion.

The Franchise Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for choosing a franchise is:

In terms of financial criteria, the minimum requirements would be 75,000-$100,000 liquid capital, and $500,000+ net worth. But as importantly, they are looking for individuals (or business entities) who are committed to building their successful organizations and developing/dominating their markets.

To embrace, internalize, and “become” the Zen Massage brand in their markets, to create and lead their teams to great success in personal and financial terms are the expectations Keith has from its franchisees.

Every one of our franchisees owns, has owned, or is committed to developing, additional Zen Centers. That’s the bottom line, and the best endorsement they could give ZMFI as a franchisor.

-Keith Larson

Every one of our franchisees owns, has owned, or is committed to developing, additional Zen Centers. That’s the bottom line, and the best endorsement they could give ZMFI as a franchisor.

-Keith Larson

“Beyond the initial training, Zen Massage has substantial ongoing support in marketing, operations, business systems and resources, and more. Some things we do, I’m not going to mention here because frankly, competitors don’t offer the approaches we do and I don’t want to give them ideas. I will say that as I’m participating in this interview, I’m in Kansas City for another visit with our outstanding franchisee of three Centers here. We’re having an excellent time with his teams, and creating a vision of further success!” Concludes Keith.