Success Formulas for Women in Leadership

While women have made significant progress in several formerly male-dominated industries and are excelling in leadership roles, they still face challenges in the workplace. Despite gender equality in the workplace making notable strides, female entrepreneurs and leaders are still subjected to harsher scrutiny and judgment than their male counterparts. Therefore, it’s essential for women to prove their leadership merit in the workplace and inspire other women to follow in their footsteps. In this article, we discuss key strategies that women can adopt to overcome obstacles and become strong leaders.

Believe in Yourself

Research shows that women tend to apply for a job only when they meet 100% of the qualifications, while men apply when they meet only 60%. Women must recognize their worth and focus on the mindset that they are entirely capable of doing the work. If a position resonates with their capabilities and experience, women should throw their hats in the ring and prove their merit during the interview process.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Success is found outside our comfort zone, but fear often hinders us from taking risks. Every successful entrepreneur and business leader did what they were afraid to do instead of letting the fear rule in their personal and professional lives. Acknowledge that the fear is there but do the thing that scares you anyway. Rigidity could make you miss serendipitous “aha” moments that inspire creative solutions or force a different approach.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

Don’t miss out on opportunities that come your way. Put yourself in a position to have those opportunities, know when one is facing you, and take it. Even if it means leaving your comfort levels, it may pave the way for greater success in the future.

Demand Equality

Women need to stand their ground and demand the respect they deserve. Paula Stephenson, director of marketing at Smoke’s Poutinerie, says that if women want to be viewed as equal in the workplace, they must behave as if the gap has been closed. Acknowledging the need for change is essential, but our actions and attitudes in the workplace are critical. Encourage yourself and others, and don’t let perceived detriments rule the day.


The above strategies can help women overcome obstacles and become strong leaders. It’s essential for women to recognize their worth, step out of their comfort zones, take advantage of opportunities, and demand equality. By following these strategies, women can not only succeed but also inspire other women to pursue leadership roles.