Novus Home Mortgage: Simplifying the Mortgage Process with Yvette Clermont’s Leadership

Yvette Clermont | Mortgage Consultant and Branch Manager | Novus Home Mortgage

Is there anyone who finds it easy to buy or lent a property? We can barely find such people for whom, it doesn’t feel like a headache or arduous task. When it comes to buying property, the majority of people will need assistance in taking a mortgage. And for that, they are likely to deal with a mortgage consultant or adviser at some point during the process. Just like the task, it’s not easy to assist people with the process, but Yvette Clermont and her team are leading from the front to help people with everything they have.   

About the Leader

Yvette Clermont, CMB, holds the distinguished designation of Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist. She is Mortgage Consultant and Branch Manager in both Florida and Wisconsin. Yvette is a Banker by an MBA as well as CMPS, which requires rigorous education in advanced mortgage planning. Since 1997, she is a mortgage leader and continues to do what she can, to make a positive impact on this industry through advocacy and by educating others. Talking about the family Clermont said, “My husband Dan and I, have raised our 5 children. Now, we enjoy spending time with our 4 grandchildren across the United States. We live in Sarasota and enjoy living where it’s summer all the time. We enjoy travelling outside the United States and our family motto is what’s next?”

Novus Home Mortgage – Novus’s perspective on lending

Novus Home Mortgage is a mortgage company which is committed to creating a simpler, more efficient and more transparent mortgage process. Novus means “new” in Latin and that’s exactly their vision. Clermont has a branch in Bradenton, Florida in Gulf Coast Florida and De Pere, Wisconsin outside of Green Bay. With a unique platform that allows their team to leverage the strength and stability of a bank, they maintain the flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit of an independent mortgage banker. With Novus home, customers can apply for their loans, verify income and assets, digitally review and e-sign disclosures, and can submit necessary paperwork all from a mobile device. It’s a team of experienced mortgage lenders whose goal is to make their clients happy with the service they provide. They constantly challenge themselves to strive for betterment. Novus home provides unique services by handling the mortgage process all the way from application to closing. When it comes to providing solutions, they never disappoint their clients.

Envisioning the Vision

Just like the name, to approach the industry from a new perspective is a vision of Novus Home Mortgage. This Company is run by Mortgage People, for Mortgage People and that’s how they stand out from others. Within the Mortgage industry, usually, all sell virtually the same widget but, it’s the delivery of that widget that sets everyone apart. With clear systems built over 26 years of originating loans, they make sure that, their borrowers and referral partners won’t get stressed. 

How it started and how it’s going

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”

—Michael Jordan   

This quote from Michael Jordan aptly sums up the journey of Yvette Clermont. Being a mortgagebanker for over 26 years, she has been through all thick and thin in the mortgage industry. To run a successful company, she knows what it takes to build a team and to fulfil the needs of both team and clients. She joined Novus Home Mortgage in 2022 because of the leadership and direction she saw at the company. Talking about what inspired her to choose this career path Yvette says, “When I was 21yr old, I wanted to buy a home. So I went to the lender recommended by my realtor. That lender was dismissive and didn’t offer any information or help. At that time, I felt really bad as I was helpless. And that’s when I decided, just because someone isn’t aware of something, they shouldn’t feel helpless. I thought, there has to be a better way and committed that I’ll never say no to someone who wants my help. That’s how I came into this field and decided to become a helping hand to those who need it. I believe that my job lies in helping or assisting someone in learning how they can become a homeowner. Yvette’s determination to help in reaching her client’s goals and her “never say no to clients” mantra is applaudable. That’s how great leaders lead the way. They give direction to the new path and offer the tools to get there!      

Overcoming the Hurdles

While talking about the challenges Clermont says, “Change and fatigue these two are the most common challenges in this industry and that’s fair enough because this industry is continuously changing. One has to work with new programs, new guidelines and new regulations so, this can be overwhelming at a times. Especially with considerable change in the economy and housing industry, it’s not that easy to work here. For many, this can be an incredibly stressful industry as it’s an emotional business assisting people with their homes”

Despite working in this continuously changing industry, Clermont paved her way through every challenge and turned it into a life-changing moment. She didn’t just excel on a personal level but also helped her company to go and grow further. As they say, “The days that break you are the days that make you.”

Source of Inspiration

In the case of Yvette Clermont, her source of inspiration is her mom and she always looked up to her. Her mom is a tailor and could always figure out a way to fix a tear in her clothes. Clermont says, “she used to say, I can figure that out.” That confidence was inspiring for her and she wanted to emulate it. That’s how Yvette kept her approach to look at life. No matter what, there’s never too late to figure something out. It gives us the confidence to look for ways in the middle of chaos.

A day in the Life of Yvette Clermont

Talking about her daily routine Clermont says, “Our world is full of e-mails. Probably, we receive hundreds of e-mails in a day. So whenever possible, I make a call instead of sending an e-mail.” Apart from reducing her screen time, she is also maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She makes sure to eat a healthy dinner with her family together even if, it gets late. She gives her best to maintain a work-life balance. According to her life experience, she says, “It’s okay if we haven’t yet figured out how to maintain the work-life balance. Trust me it’s not that easy but eventually, we learn. I would love to say I have this figured out after all these years, but I don’t. And I don’t feel bad about it the way I used to. I realized that sometimes my plans are interrupted, and I can’t take care of myself right now, as someone else needs me. What I’ve learned is, if we don’t get enough rest we will be no good to our family, clients, or business partners. And sometimes it will take a longer time to come out of that rest period.” While reaching for our life goals, we got to make sure that we won’t reach the stage of burnout. And even if we reach that point, we got to admit and work on it; just like the way New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern did recently!

Current Projects

Currently, Yvette is working with Florida MBA on setting up a mortgage banking class to be taught in accredited secondary schools. This has been her passion for many years so, she is really excited about her new phase.

Words of Wisdom

Clermont is quite happy to go person who believes in a healthy lifestyle, both at work and in life. Giving a piece of advice to other women she says, “Read as much as you can, and get involved in your local MBA. Always have a coach or mentor and set realistic goals. Ask for what you really want and work accordingly. Never assume your manager knows what you want next. So, be clear to yourself and then to others in order to help yourselves. Because without helping yourself, you can’t help others”