Marie Alexander: Conquering and Capitalizing PR

Marie Alexander | Executive Director | Alexander PR Group Pte Ltd

Alexander PR Group Pte Ltd has been in business for 18 years. Over the years, it has received 12 global awards. The global agency has won innovative excellence awards in Switzerland, London, Asia & Singapore for being super sustainable, according to Marie Alexander, executive director and founder. It also has global partners.

We can launch a PR campaign in any country. The majority of our campaigns take off in multiple countries at the same time. – Marie Alexander

Marie Alexander is a digital marketing, advertising, events, and public relations specialist with 18 years of experience in B2B and B2C businesses. Additionally, she holds the distinction of being a finance expert as she has managed numerous budgets.  She also adds that she has about 700K Instagram followers and she loves them all.  The marketing and advertising expert generates outstanding ideas that monopolise market shares.

Love and Let Love

Alexander’s motto is IAMLOVE. When asked why such a unique motto she replies with the following fascinating information:

I can meet 20 professionals in a business meeting. I can analyze their behavior and help them to be at their best in their relationships and careers. I have worked with 10,000 professionals to understand people’s characteristics in detail. As I truly want to improve society’s working & social relationships, I have studied them for a long time.

This is very normal for me. People have turned to me to help solve their problems from the time I was 6. The goal of dedicated astrologers like me is to help people and make a difference in their lives. No matter what the situation was, I was always the leader, psychologist, and problem solver.

Among the organization’s mission statements are to treat everyone with respect and to empower and inspire women worldwide.

The Past and the Perks of the Alexander PR Agency

Alexander shares that her father worked as a creative director for Singapore Press Holdings’ newspaper division for 25 years. Her father, Peter Ng, was a well- known design director in his field. A top advertising agency in Japan was interested in employing him, he wanted to work for them, however he and his wife started a family here in Singapore, I am blessed to be their child.

Every day, advertising strategies are innovated in her agency, which is one business that witnesses cutthroat competition. How does Alexander PR Group Pte Ltd stay competitive? Working extremely hard has earned us worldwide recognition. I have directed 10,000 creative, 167 PR campaigns, 150 events, and more.

While working hard about 6 or 7 years ago, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and had one of our biggest PR campaigns seen by 18 million people. Having worked with global and large clients for 15-18 years, people got to know us.

– Marie Alexander

The PR of Leadership

Having worked with over 10,000 people, Alexander has absorbed the behavior of every star sign. In addition to being an astrologer, she is also a social person. She says the best version of herself looks after all her friends and business professionals in many social settings.

Her very words affirm that she is a unique female leader, who is a combination of an alpha male and female, a quality inherited from her alpha parents.

The PR of Womanhood

In Alexander’s opinion, equality should be a priority. It needs to be made a priority, she says, because men need women to create a balance in all businesses. As Alexander points out, women usually don’t have egos; they can communicate extremely well, and they can bring a team together with empathy and efficiency.

When asked how she achieves gender equality in her organization, she replies, The handle alone on my Instagram says it all, @ mariealexander007. I hope it inspires women everywhere that you can be whatever you want. James Bond and I are equals. When you bring the most alpha/sigma males and females from the social & business crowd to the table, I am the definition of all of them. In a way, I am the same as him. My confidence in business, leisure, and social situations is already evident in these three sentences.

A role model for her is her mother purely because she is who she is. “Numerous men pursued my mother as a companion.” I am blessed to be born of her,” Alexander says. She is where she is today because of her mother’s intelligence, kindness, toughness, fearlessness, and nurturing. She adds with a chuckle, “I also think the pop culture of women bands like Spice Girls and Blackpink makes the world a better place.”

The ability to drive a car is one of the ways young girls can become women leaders. All women in the world should be able to drive. I was so proud of my mum when she drove my brother and me in my dad’s car. Among the women on the street, she was the only one driving such a sexy vehicle. She was so capable and fearless in that car.

– Marie Alexander

Rapid-Fire Round

• Unplugging from work: Sleeping and reading books about psychology, astrology, and spirituality are two of my favorite activities.

• Biggest challenges for women in leadership roles: To lead with confidence.

• Current and Future Goals: We seek clients who are like-minded and kind, and willing to work with us for a long time.

Alexander’s Advice on How to Be a Woman Conqueror

When you gain years of experience, you will finally understand the business game. It takes countless falls and getting back up before you finally realize that, despite your errors, you will ultimately know what’s best for you.