Leading with Passion: The Inspirational Journey of Laurel Jordan in Insurance

In the world of insurance, Laurel Jordan is not just a Senior Executive at Sutherland Insurance TPA. She is a woman of many roles, a devoted wife, a nurturing mother to four grown children, and a proud grandmother to a ten-year-old. Residing in Lexington, KY, Laurel finds joy in traveling, cooking, and delving into a good book.

Laurel’s journey into the insurance industry was quite unexpected. Starting in the mailroom of a carrier, it was merely meant to be a temporary gig. However, fate had other plans. Transitioning from new business case management to reinsurance and eventually claims, Laurel found her passion ignited. Over the years, she honed her expertise in claims and operations, delving into solutioning, transitions, and conversions. She ultimately fell in love with the industry’s potential for innovation and transformation, despite its stodgy, legacy image. We are honored to introduce Laurel Jordan as one of the Influential Women Leaders in Insurance, 2024.

At Sutherland, a leading global business and digital transformation partner for businesses across industries, Laurel thrives in a culture that prioritizes its people above all else. Sutherland’s commitment to fostering employee growth and work-life balance resonates with Laurel’s values. What drew Laurel to insurance was initially just a job, but it quickly transformed into a calling. She fell in love with the industry’s potential for innovation and transformation despite its traditional image.

“Technology is the key to unlocking the future of insurance. Embrace innovation with caution, ensuring that every advancement enhances customer satisfaction and trust.” – Laurel Jordan

As a leader, Laurel’s hands-on approach sets her apart. Having climbed the ranks herself, she intimately understands the intricacies of every process. Her willingness to roll up her sleeves and work alongside her team fosters a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect. Navigating a male-dominated industry hasn’t been without its challenges for Laurel. Breaking into the “good old boys club” and having her voice heard hasn’t always been easy. Yet, she’s optimistic about the evolving recognition of women’s perspectives and contributions.

Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords for Laurel; they’re guiding principles. She ensures that Sutherland remains an inclusive workplace where every voice is valued through open dialogue, education, and proactive hiring practices. Laurel’s commitment to empowering other women in the insurance sector extends far beyond her role at Sutherland. Actively involved in various industry groups and initiatives, she mentors and uplifts fellow women leaders through speaking engagements, podcasts, social gatherings, and professional networks.

Staying abreast of the latest trends and innovations in the insurance industry is a priority for Laurel. She actively participates in industry conferences, maintains a robust presence on social media platforms, and engages in daily discussions across multiple forums. Additionally, Laurel seeks membership in various industry organizations, subscribes to relevant publications, and actively seeks out information through inquiries and discussions.

“Change can be a great thing. By adopting a mentality of openness and continuous learning, we can navigate uncertainty and emerge stronger.” – Laurel Jordan

Throughout her career, Laurel has spearheaded numerous successful initiatives. From leading transitions from carriers to TPAs to orchestrating the migration from paper-based to digital claims platforms, Laurel has left her mark on various projects. However, her most cherished endeavor is co-hosting the “Insurance Sync” podcast with Bobbie Shrivastav, founder and COO of Benekiva. Through this platform, Laurel and Bobbie tackle industry challenges head-on, driving innovation and continuous improvement while sharing their passion for the insurance sector.

To aspiring women leaders in the insurance field, Laurel offers a simple yet powerful piece of advice: Believe in yourself, acknowledge your achievements, and don’t hesitate to seek support when needed. Building a supportive network is invaluable in navigating the complexities of leadership. Balancing work and personal life commitments has been a journey for Laurel. She emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care, one of the values championed by Sutherland. Reflecting on her own experiences, Laurel advocates for a supportive industry culture that enables individuals to excel both personally and professionally.

In Laurel’s vision, the biggest opportunities for growth in the insurance industry lie in automation and digitalization. Embracing technology with a human touch can revolutionize legacy processes, driving efficiency and specialization while enhancing customer experiences. This is called fostering ‘digital chemistry’ at Sutherland. Uncertainty and change are constants in the insurance industry. Laurel navigates these challenges by embracing change as an opportunity for growth and maintaining an open mind. Her commitment to continuous learning and resilience helps her adapt to whatever challenges arise. For Laurel, technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of insurance. While recognizing the industry’s need to catch up in certain areas, Laurel advocates a prudent approach, emphasizing the importance of thorough evaluation and regulatory considerations.

Customer satisfaction and trust are paramount in Laurel’s business practices. At Sutherland, the customer experience is central to every decision, ensuring that partnerships and processes align with the company’s core principles. Ultimately, Laurel hopes to leave a legacy of empowerment, innovation, and inclusivity in the insurance industry. She aspires to be remembered as a leader who embraced both her professional and personal roles, leaving a lasting impact on her colleagues, the industry, and her company.

In Laurel Jordan, the insurance industry has found a leader who not only navigates its challenges with grace but also strives to create a more equitable and inclusive future for all.

“Believe in yourself and your capabilities, put in the time and effort to do it, or ask for help when needed. Know you are not alone and seek support to form your tribe.” – Laurel Jordan