Jody Reiss: Optimizing your digital impression

Jody Reiss | The Marque Global


“The internet revolutionized the world. Today, data is a global commodity and personal relationships are built and maintained across the globe, with people often never meeting in person. As a result of this global shift, the first impression you make is often based on your online presence. Therefore, it is a necessity that successful individuals own their digital persona and online narrative. With a clear understanding of the ever-evolving digitized world we all inhabit, The Marque Global has been at the forefront in creating a Definitive First Impression for successful individuals,” says Jody Reiss, VP of Sales & Marketing, US at The Marque Global.


The Marque Global was founded 5 years ago and today has a global presence with clients from a wide range of industries and backgrounds. As the first impression you make online is just as powerful as the one you make in-person, The Marque works with clients to build a clear digital persona and an effective digital communications strategy. With a Marque Profile, you control your online narrative. It is a trusted source of information that helps you own your digital persona, build reputational resilience and mitigate misinformation.


Jody is currently the VP of Sales & Marketing US, at The Marque Global.

“As an innovative sales leader and effective brand marketer for over 20 years, I have led teams to success and spent my career helping organizations grow their market share. The Marque is helping individuals curate their brands and highlight their key attributes to help them excel, which is exciting and rewarding,” Jody says. “There is nothing better than working with clients who value and trust the work that we do and know that their best interests are our focus.”


The Behind-the-Scenes Story:

Founder & Chairman, Andrew Wessels, held senior roles at J.P. Morgan and Carphone Warehouse (later Frontiers Capital) before moving his focus to innovative start-ups. He assisted in the launch of Marquis Jet in Europe (later sold to NetJets) and served as CEO of Storm Solutions, a telecommunications business that he successfully exited in 2012.

In exploring a new venture, Andrew was researching successful individuals to spark ideas; in doing so, he realized search engine results were full of out-of-date or inaccurate information, as well as an abundance of articles and untrustworthy websites for each individual. There was no definitive, accurate source of information living in one place for successful leaders. Thus, The Marque was born.

The Why Story:

Jody Reiss strongly believes that:

“Today, the first impression you make online is as powerful as the one you make in person. As a point of engagement when individuals are searched for online, a Marque Profile provides a trusted source of information that you control.

We provide a well-curated product offering factual and engaging content, which mitigates online reputational risk. Our biggest compliment is when our clients use their profile for potential speaking engagements, interviews, board role considerations and media opportunities. This shows an element of trust, which is at the core of our business.”

The USP of the Company:

“The Marque’s unique selling point is our expertise and the White-Glove services provided by our Profile Management and Digital/SEO teams. Each client has a dedicated Profile Manager who is continually updating the Profiles and ensures that the content is accurate and up to date,” Jody explains.

“Our guidance on building a strong digital communications strategy is invaluable and provides protection against online vulnerabilities, elevates branding, and improves digital reputation and critical risk management.”

The Benefit of the Service to Consumers/Commercial Establishments:

According to Jody: 

“Our services provide our clients with the confidence that their brand is protected, and that their online assets are closely managed by a team of experienced professionals.

A Marque Profile and a strong digital communications strategy, along with our other services, is a safeguard against online vulnerabilities, including untrustworthy websites/publications and negative, inaccurate and out-dated information.”


The Marque’s clients are executives in business, entrepreneurs, non-executive directors, athletes, foundation leaders and successful individuals in a wide range of sectors. Our curated, fully managed Profiles provide our clients with a trusted digital asset that presents a comprehensive overview of their career, board & advisory work, charitable interests, and a range of other activities.

A Marque Profile also serves as the foundation for a strong digital communications strategy, ensuring that our clients own their digital persona and are in control of their online narrative – both are vital in protecting them against online vulnerabilities.

In addition to our Business and Sports Profiles, The Marque provides a range of services that help individuals understand and control their digital footprint. With our Digital Audits, we take a deep dive into the internet to find information about you and your activities. We provide you with detailed reports and consult with you throughout the process. This is essential guidance on your digital persona and risk mitigation.

Our Digital Briefcase is a full-service offering comprised of a profile, an audit of your current online presence, web monitoring, social media listening, sentiment analysis, monthly reporting and recommendations for improving how clients use their digital assets. Our social listening services can extend to families. We also build and maintain Profiles for Foundations, Companies and Boards.


During Covid,” Jody says, “we have seen an increased demand for profile management services. Individuals are looking to Google in search of information on people before meetings (Zoom or otherwise) for business, social engagements or potential employment opportunities.

Since everyone’s reputation is their greatest asset, notably online, we are continually seeing the rising importance of owning one’s digital persona and controlling one’s online narrative.”


Navigating the business world is challenging for most; however, trusted mentors and key stakeholders in your organization will teach you best practices to learn how to excel in any capacity,” Jody says, looking back on her own experiences. “Being aware of the competition’s movements and knowing how to engage with new partners will always help you build a path to success.”


“I would recommend women who are passionate about advertising/marketing or PR to explore new emerging start-ups as they are developing quickly, always in need of fresh ideas and will continue to shape each successive generation,” she says. “Additionally, it is important to choose someone who you admire as your mentor, to learn from and help you carve your path forward.”