Impactful Tech Leaders to Look Out In 2024

Mark Rekveld


In a world often filled with tales of determined protagonists chasing their dreams against all odds, the inspiring story of Mark Rekveld, the visionary Founder of Marvelution, shines as a real-life testament to the enduring power of determination and innovation.

Budding Innovation

Andre Stolz

In the bustling space of technology and innovation, there are individuals who not only shape the future with cutting-edge ideas but also embed sustainability and business growth at the core of their endeavours. Andre Stolz, Co-founder and Managing Director of Budding Innovation (BI), stands out as one such leader. His unique blend of technological acumen and unwavering commitment to sustainable practices positions him at the forefront of impactful change.


Andreea Plesea

Andreea Plesea, co-founder of the groundbreaking success story of DRUID AI, a trailblazing company in the world of Conversational AI and automation. I’m here to take you on a journey through Andreea’s incredible tech evolution, from her early coding days to steering DRUID AI towards global recognition and technological innovation.


Brenda Harvey

Brenda Harvey stands as a senior leader within IBM, wielding her expertise to spearhead the development and guidance of high-performance sales, consulting, and services teams. Specializing in optimizing the value derived from data and technology, her role revolves around assisting organizations in reaching strategic objectives, governance, and operational efficiencies.

Simple SEO Group

Brendan Egan

Born and raised in suburban Chicago, Brendan Egan’s entrepreneurial spirit was alive and well from a young age. At age 10, he went door to door, starting a neighbourhood leaf-raking and snow-shovelling business. But it wasn’t until college that he got his real taste for the business world.

Ammolite Analytx

Cara Wolf

Cara Wolf, the visionary CEO of Ammolite Analytx, stands at the forefront of the tech industry, leading her team with a relentless passion for innovation and transformative technology solutions. With a proven track record of pushing boundaries, Cara has become synonymous with shaping the future of tech. Embarking on her journey in technology fueled by insatiable curiosity and a belief in innovation’s power, Cara’s career has evolved alongside the rapid advancements in the industry.

Otermans Institute

Dr. Pauldy Otermans

Dr. Pauldy Otermans, a trailblazer in the UK tech scene and the co-founder of Otermans Institute. With a background in neuroscience and psychology, Dr. Otermans has seamlessly integrated her expertise into the realm of AI, paving the way for groundbreaking innovations in education.

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