Hope Atuel: Making Home Is Where the Heart Is a Reality

Hope Atuel | CEO and Executive Director | AREAA

The Asian Real Estate Association of America or AREAA has been in business for 20 years and has 44 chapters in the United States and Canada. According to their CEO, Hope Atuel AREAA offers more of a promise than a product. The members are promised a community of like-minded and highly engaged real estate practitioners who are excited to make new connections, enhance their skill set, and help AANHPI homebuyers reach their American Dreams.

The AANHPI (Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander) community, is promised to advocate in DC for changes that will help increase language access, build credit for minority communities, and strive to create educational content that dispels common myths surrounding our community.

AREAA is in the business of changing lives through real estate. We work through challenges and barriers of homeownership in AANHPI communities and offer solutions to remedy these challenges.

Hope Atuel CEO and Executive Director of AREAA

Increasing Areaa’s Area:

Hope expresses that 2023 marks AREAAs 20th anniversary. Currently, her focus is on how AREAA has shaped and changed people’s lives, and those are the highlights for her. Whether it’s been achieving policy wins that lower homeownership barriers to AANHPIs or helping AANHPI real estate professionals find a place where they truly belong, those moments are the ones worth remembering, exclaims Hope.

 The AANHPI community continues to grow rapidly in the United States, and under Atuel’s leadership, AREAA is expanding right alongside it. They are always looking to expand to meet the needs of the community, and right now that is manifesting in the South and Midwest. Those are areas where we are seeing a lot of new growth in AANHPI communities, so it makes sense for us to create chapters there to help those individuals navigate the housing market and serve the community, explains Atuel.

Atuel signs off in the following words:

In the non-profit space, there has been increased awareness and focus on issues that affect the AANHPI community, which has been great to see. Unfortunately, this renewed focus came at the cost of a global pandemic and a rise in anti-Asian hate, but AREAA and organizations like us are all making our best efforts to address those problems. In terms of the real estate industry, it is exciting to see more young individuals from diverse backgrounds entering the field, which I believe will help to create a more equitable housing market in the future.

Hope Atuel CEO and Executive Director of AREAA