Gogo: The Social Media Queen of Real Estate

Gogo Bethke | Social Media Queen | Gogo’s Real Estate

Gogo, the Social Media Queen of Real Estate, a team leader, a mom of 2 teenage boys, a wife, and an entrepreneur owning 9 companies. Gogo is an immigrant from Transylvania-Romania who came to the USA with no college degree, SOI, money, experience, and an accent. Despite the odds stacked against her, she branded herself and built a local team in MI and an international organization with over 1,000+ agents named #teamgogo in over 45 states in the US and other 6 countries using the power of Social Media.

She started her journey in 2011 with Gogo’s Real Estate and since then, she has started multiple businesses at different times. Everything that her team does is done online and they do not have physical locations. When Gogo was full-time in Real Estate, her “slogan” used to be “Go with Gogo”. However, with so many businesses now, the sentence that Gogo likes to build everything on is “The best marketer wins”.

“If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs.”

Gogo was designed by God to question things. She is not a rule follower and questions everything. Her motto is “If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs.” She came to America to build her dream and not somebody else’s. Her biggest challenge is lazy people or people with excuses. Building an empire cannot be done alone, and Gogo relies on other people and their work ethic. She has to remind herself that there is a reason why they work for her because if they had her work ethic, they would be building their own businesses.

Gogo is an accidental Realtor. It was not her idea, but her neighbor’s idea, but what a great idea it was. All of the other ideas came from learning different things in the industry over time. She also believes that if God gives you an idea, it is because He knows what skills you have, and with those skills, He gives you the idea because He knows you can make it a reality. What sets her businesses apart from others in the industry is her work ethic, her willingness to learn, and her ability to take action. Gogo has won 2x “2 Comma Club Award” winning online bootcamps called “Gogo’s Bootcamp” and has a TV show, Gogopreneur, where she shares all about her busy life to inspire others to achieve the same success.

As an entrepreneur, Gogo has accomplished a lot, including being named one of the Top 125 Success most influential people in the US in 2022 by Success Magazine. She has also been invited to speak at various entrepreneurial events, podcasts, and retreats, where she is the keynote speaker, breaking into entrepreneurship beyond real estate. For aspiring women entrepreneurs just starting out, Gogo advises that they can do absolutely anything they set their mind to as soon as they realize who they are and trust their worth.

Gogo is always motivated and doesn’t lose motivation, she actually gets more and more motivated because her ideas get better and more exciting. To prioritize her goals and objectives, Gogo has trackers for everything and every Monday, she has meetings to stay up to date with what’s going on in her companies. Although she’s not a micro-manager, she pays attention to details and stays on top of technologies so that her businesses can stay one step ahead.

“The best marketer wins.”

– Gogo

Networking and building relationships play a crucial role in the success of any business, according to Gogo. All of her opportunities came from people that she has met throughout life. She’s a connector and likes to introduce people who can benefit from each other.

In terms of giving back to the community, Gogo likes to give back knowledge because it’s more sustainable than giving money. Instead of giving someone a fish, she teaches them how to fish, so they can make money for the rest of their lives. By sharing her knowledge, Gogo has made a positive impact on those around her.

Overall, Gogo’s strategies for managing her personal and professional life include having a supportive husband who reminds her to take breaks and knowing how to balance her love for work with other aspects of her life. By prioritizing her goals, leveraging networking and building relationships, and giving back to the community, Gogo has achieved significant success as an entrepreneur.

“Instead of giving someone a fish, she teaches them how to fish, so they can make
money for the rest of their lives.”

– Gogo