Foxy Box Wax Bar – The Fox That Won’t Leave You In A Fix

Kyla Dufresne | Founder & CEO | Foxy Box Wax Bar

Our company was founded on the belief that feeling Foxy is not a luxury, but a basic human right, and we want to share this value with the world! We don’t see waxing just as a means of hair removal… we see it as a way of helping women feel powerful in their skin. This is the Foxy effect. We infuse this message in all our marketing, in a fresh authentic voice that women of all ages respond to! From our logo to our marketing campaigns, to our website: we stand out, in the best way possible.

Reads the about of  Foxy Box Wax Bar on its LinkedIn page a company which has revolutionized the waxing scenario in the State of Canada. 

Unboxing about Foxy Box:

Foxy Box Wax Bar is in existence for the past 10 years. Currently, it operates in 13 locations across Canada with two locations under construction.

According to Kyla Dufresne the owner of Foxy Box, a Foxy Box is the key to happiness. Its motto is to permit women to not only own their uniqueness but to celebrate it loud and proud. The mission taken up by Foxy Box is to leave people feeling Energized + Powerful.

Don’t beat around the bush: We walk our talk, speak our truth and are not afraid to say it Like it is. We believe honesty and transparency are key assets to create credibility and trust.

Kyla Dufresne asked what best describes her organization

What makes Foxy Box stand out from the box?

Kyla Dufresne proudly affirms:

Our masterful Vagicians are experts in the art of the Brazilian, and we guarantee that our proprietary foxy technique can’t be beaten. Seriously though … we’ve got it down to a science. We provide superior services and are committed to dispelling the discomfort ofhair removal by cultivating a warm and inclusive environment. We make your hair removal experience the best it can be. Whether you’re looking for laser hair removal, waxing services, or lash lifts and tints, we’ve got you covered.

WHAT WE TRULY SELL | our transformation

We sell what women need most: Self- Empowerment. How so? By educating and reconnecting women with what they truly want and empowering them to shift from INVISIBLE to POWERFUL and from SHAME to CELEBRATION.

– Kyla Dufresne asked what the purpose of her product is

Unboxing the CEO:

Dufresne founded the company on the belief that feeling Foxy is not a luxury, but a basic human right, and wanted to share this value with the world. Foxy Box doesn’t see waxing just as a means of hair removal but as a way of making women feel powerful in their skin.

This is the Foxy effect. This message is infused in all their marketing, in a fresh authentic voice that women of all ages respond to.

From its logo to its marketing campaigns, to its website: foxy Box stands out from its competitors, in the best way possible declares Dufresne.

The Foxy Box culture and brand are all about lifting and supporting each other to feel strong and empowered. It’s a set of values that Dufresne has led with from day one that has gained traction through the commitment and dedication of the team; both staff and franchise partners. Building and preserving our culture starts with a rigorous screening process, ensuring that franchise partners are individuals who are a good fit for the brand. The management team does an incredible job of leading by example and supporting the franchise partners to recruit and hire the right people.

Probably that I’m crazy lol. But in all honesty, I think our Franchisees are happy and engaged being Foxy Bosses and that makes me very proud.

– Kyla Dufresne on being asked what franchisees say about her as the franchisor

Unboxing the Franchise journey & the motivation to begin it:

Kyla Dufresne always knew wanted to Franchise, but she didn’t even know what that meant. Before even putting herself through waxing school she would tell everyone: “I’m going to start a wax bar called Foxy Box, I’m going to Franchise and I’m going to take over the world One Box at a Time!”

And finally through a lot of trial and error, including her first failed Franchise attempt, here is Foxy Box with 13 Locations open, 2 more under construction and big expansion plans.

Dufresne’s inspiration to start Foxy Box came after her first waxing experience. Her best friend brought her in for her very first Brazilian to a lady who had a waxing studio in the basement of her house. After her first wax, she was hooked! She used to go in with my bestie, watch the wax go on, the strip come off and see the smooth skin sparkling underneath. After which she just fell in love with the art of waxing!

According to Dufresne, her waxer, made her feel so comfortable in an uncomfortable situation and that’s when Dufresne had her Eureka moment. She quickly realized the missing market for a comfortable, convenient and affordable place to get waxed.

10 years ago the only places to get a Brazilian wax were in a high-end spa where you would spend upwards of $90 in a dimly lit room to get a mediocre service, the back of a nail salon that maybe didn’t have the highest cleanliness standards, or a home spa if you were lucky enough to find someone and be able to get an appointment. People needed access to this magical, uplifting service and I set out on a mission to provide that for them.

Kyla Dufresne

Unboxing the business logistics:

Foxy Box’s ideal customer target market is:
– Professional Women (Aged 35-55)
– Restaurant / Bar Industry Babes (Aged 20-35)
– Students (Aged 18-25)

The franchise appeals strongly to busy professional women who are looking for a convenient, consistent experience and who have the income to invest in a regular grooming routine.

Although there may be several viable franchisee profiles, Foxy Box believes that it should try to attract franchisees that meet the following criteria:

– Strong sales and customer service abilities.
– Motivated leader.
– Good with Timing and Schedule Management.
– High personal standards.
– Able to meet initial investment requirements.

We expect our Franchisees to be positive leaders in their stores, creating a great workplace for staff and a safe and welcoming store for our customers. We expect them to network in their communities. We give them the tools and resources needed to be successful in their businesses and we rely on them to market our brand in their communities.

Kyla Dufresne asked what her expectations from her franchise owners is

Beyond the initial training Foxy Box prides itself in the ongoing support structure they offer to its Franchisees. Each week they send out a KPI report to everyone in the system. They share each location’s numbers so that they can learn from each other. If one store has done exceptionally well one week in Laser Sales, for example, the other stores can call that Franchisee and ask what they did to achieve those numbers. Transparency is key for us, we can all learn from one another. They also have a dedicated Franchisee Success Manager who provides weekly calls with each Franchisee in the system. She works closely with each of them to troubleshoot any day-to-day problems that may arise in their store as well as discuss Marketing plans and upcoming events or company rollouts.

My favourite part of our ongoing support though has to be our Monthly Team meetings. We have everyone in the system hop on a call on the first Tuesday of each month. We send out a survey to our Franchisees ahead of time and ask them to send us one win, one
struggle and one great idea. We also open up the Mic for Franchisees to share any great ideas they may have that will help the system.

Kyla Dufresne

Unboxing the future aspirations:

While concluding Dufresne shares

I think what excites me the most about our brand is the ability to have such a huge impact on our communities. Every year we do Fundraisers and events like our Foxy Fest Fundraiser on International Women’s Day and our annual Client Appreciation Day. It’s so important that we give back where we can and use our brand power and platform to make a positive shift on this planet.

Last year, we decided to become a green company to reduce our carbon impact on this planet we call home. As we grow and scale it was important to me that we weren’t leaving a wake of waste in our efforts to grow. All of our single-use items, which normally wouldn’t be recyclable because of wax remnants are picked up, and incinerated to create power for our gridlines and the waste from that is used to pave roads.

 It excites me that as we grow, we have more of an opportunity to create positive shifts on this planet. I’ve had it on my vision board to have a Foxy Foundation for quite some time now and I’m excited about the opportunity to flush that out fully.

Kyla Dufresne