Created to Create and Mediate: Julie Reby Waas

Julie Reby Waas | Designation | Intuitive Abstract Art by Julie

They say age is just a number and there is no age to begin a new beginning. A law attorney by profession and an artist by passion, Julie Reby Waas began taking her passion seriously only in 2021.

Abstract About the Artist:

Julie was born and raised in New Jersey.  After graduating from Bryn Mawr College in 1983, she relocated to Miami, Florida 1983 to attend law school at the University of Miami School of Law, from which she graduated in 1986. She is a practicing lawyer for over 36 years. For the last 15.5 years, she has been serving as the Assistant Vice President & Associate General Counsel for Baptist Health South Florida, the largest healthcare system in south Florida. Her family consists of her husband and 3 adult sons respectively whom Julie jokingly jokes that none of have become attorneys. 

The Advent of Artistic Julie:

Julie has also been drawing for her entire life, but never seriously considered becoming a professional artist until 2021. She used to mindlessly draw abstracts on paper which she would call “Doodling”.  In February 2021, while attending a Zoom deposition and spending the time drawing she had a Eureka moment. She then decided to invest in some paint pens and art paper and start making her drawings into pieces of art.  After seeing her creations, family, and friends cheered her to sell her artwork. 

So, in October 2021, she launched her venture, Intuitive Abstract Art by Julie, launched its website, and started the   Instagram and Facebook handles.

Since the launch of Intuitive Abstract Art by Julie there is not been a look back. Julie began getting contacted by numerous galleries to be in exhibitions and for representation. 

Art Accolades by Julie:

– Exhibited in: London at the brick lane gallery; New York at the agora gallery; Innsbruck, Austria with monat gallery; york, England at the Acrylic Art Fair; and Miami, Florida at galleria azur and during art week Miami at the spectrum red dot Miami Art Fair.

– Won the faces of peace art prize by contemporary art curator magazine and the Artavita artist of the year contest respectively

– Currently represented by agora gallery, monat gallery, and Amsterdam Chelsea gallery.

Through my art, I want to inspire the viewer to see the beauty and complexity of life, and in that way recognize their own life’s journey—winding and strong like a vine, colorfully patterned through each phase of life, with each different piece coming together to form a beautiful whole.

Julie Reby Waas

Giving Heart to Attorney & Art:

According to Julie, her years of professional experience have enabled her to achieve expertise in labor & employment law. But she’s a novice as a professional artist. All of the amazing opportunities she has been offered as an artist during the past 15+ months have come to her unsolicited.  So she is trying to determine the best course for her business while balancing her full-time lawyer job and finding enough time to create new pieces of art.

The driving force has been my belief that I was given this artistic talent for a purpose, and that I must honor that purpose by sharing my art with the world.  I also want to inspire people, especially women, to follow their dreams, their hearts, and their intuition and pursue their goals no matter their age.

Julie Reby Waas

Leading The Way Artistically:

Julie believes herself to be confident and remains undaunted by the challenges she faces.  Along with confidence, she’s also empathetic and always seeks to do the right thing for the right reasons. She is also a huge believer in personal development and education, so she is always seeking inspiration, motivation, and instruction so that she can continue honing her skills.

Living with Artistic Inspirations:

 There were so many brilliant and accomplished women in my mother’s family, and they inspired me every day to do and be my best. I was the third generation of women in my family to attend college, beginning with my grandmother in the 1920s. 

Also one of my colleagues, Adriene McCoy. She is the Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer at Baptist Health South Florida, and she is the best human resources professional with whom I have ever worked during my legal career.  Not only is she an accomplished professional, but her brilliance, empathy, and compassionate care leadership are inspirational.  I am blessed by her friendship and her support of the pursuit of my artistic career.

Julie Reby Waas

Mediating an Artistic and A Legal Day:

Julie’s begins her weekday typically begins at 5:30 am.  On waking up she spends 45 minutes journaling. After completing journaling, she works out by spending 60 minutes on her   Peloton bike and another 30 minutes in a Peloton Yoga class.  After showering, she begins her work day at her law job. She strives to set aside an hour in the middle of the day to take a break and possibly work on an art piece.  Her typical professional day ends at around 5 pm, and the next 90 minutes are spent passionately, i.e. working on her artwork, responding to art business emails, and listening to Brendon Burchard’s Daily Fire on his Growth Day app.  The rest of the evening is spent making or ordering dinner and spending quality time with her husband.

My life is a study of work-life balance.  I have my law work, and my life works, which is my art.  They never are in balance, but they enable me to use different parts of my brain.  Working on my art, and the peace & joy it brings me helps relieve the stress of being a lawyer

– Julie Reby Waas

Leaving an Artistic Imprint:

Julie gives the following art vice:

My advice is not limited to the legal or art industries.  I hope to inspire other women to understand that they are not stuck in whatever career or profession they might choose in their 20s.  I would like for them to understand that life is a winding path and that it is never too late to follow your heart and your dreams. Be confident in your intuition, and undaunted in your quest for new opportunities and new experiences as you seek to find and fulfill your life’s purpose.