Building Brands with Impact: Kristin Marquet’s Path to Success in PR and Marketing

Kristin Marquet is the founder and creative director at Marquet Media,, and an Etsy shop. With extensive experience in PR and marketing, Kristin specializes in helping brands in the fashion, lifestyle, and design industries create impactful, visually compelling marketing materials. As the creative director, she oversees the direction of projects, ensuring every campaign resonates deeply with the target audience and aligns seamlessly with the clients’ brand values. We at EliteX, are proud to introduce Kristin Marquet as one of the Impactful Businesswomen: Making a Difference, 2024.

Kristin’s journey in the industry began over 15 years ago when she discovered her passion for branding and the powerful impact of effective PR. She started her career in various marketing and consulting roles, gaining invaluable experiences and insights into the dynamics of media and communication. Driven by a desire to offer more personalized and strategic services, Kristin founded Marquet Media and later Her goal was to help lifestyle and design brands craft their narratives and connect meaningfully with their audiences. Over the years, she has worked with an array of clients, guiding them through the complexities of brand building and digital marketing, and continuously adapting to the evolving digital landscape.

“Embrace risk and don’t fear failure, as both are inevitable on the path to success.”

Kristin’s professional journey has been both challenging and incredibly rewarding. She honed her skills in various marketing roles, always focusing on how strategic communication shapes brand perception and growth. She founded Marquet Media with the vision of creating an agency that not only understands the needs of lifestyle brands but also excels at delivering personalized, results-driven strategies. As Creative Director, she steers the creative vision and ensures that all projects reflect high standards and align with clients’ objectives. Through relentless dedication and a commitment to excellence, Kristin has grown the agency and solidified its reputation as a leader in the industry.

What motivated Kristin to pursue a career in this specific industry was the dynamic blend of creativity and strategic thinking it demands. She has always been captivated by the power of a well-crafted brand story and its impact on consumer behavior. The opportunity to work creatively in crafting narratives that resonate with audiences and drive tangible business results is something she finds rewarding. Founding was a pivotal moment in her career, providing a platform to support other female entrepreneurs striving to establish their brands in a competitive marketplace. This initiative is particularly close to her heart as it aligns with her passion for empowerment and mentoring in the entrepreneurial community. The challenges of these industries—the fast pace, the ever-changing trends, the need to innovate—keep Kristin engaged and inspired. Each client presents unique aspirations and challenges, and tailoring strategies to meet their goals offers an exciting and fulfilling professional journey. This passion for creative problem-solving and desire to make a meaningful impact continues to drive Kristin in her current role and fuels her commitment to FemFounder.

“The opportunity to work creatively in crafting narratives that resonate with audiences and drive tangible business results is something I find deeply rewarding.”

Maintaining work-life balance in a high-profile role involves setting clear boundaries and prioritizing effectively. Kristin ensures strict scheduling to separate work from personal time, allowing her to disconnect and recharge. Delegation is also key; relying on a competent team enables her to focus on strategic decisions while taking time for herself. She uses technology to streamline tasks but makes sure to unplug to avoid burnout. Regular self-reflection helps Kristin adjust her approach as needed, keeping her personal and professional lives in harmony.

Kristin Marquet has faced several challenges as a woman in business, including being underestimated and balancing leadership demands with societal expectations. To overcome these obstacles, she emphasized building a strong professional foundation and surrounding herself with a supportive network of mentors and peers. Networking, especially through initiatives like FemFounder, has been crucial for her in gaining solidarity and insights. Kristin has also used her position to advocate for women, relying on resilience and a firm commitment to her goals to navigate these challenges and foster growth for herself and others in the industry.

A pivotal moment in Kristin’s career was the decision to launch FemFounder. This platform not only diversified her business portfolio but also deepened her engagement with the entrepreneurial community. It created a space for sharing knowledge and resources, significantly boosting her visibility and credibility in the industry, and laying a foundation for other ventures under the Marquet umbrella. In Kristin’s view, resilience, adaptability, and networking are crucial skills for women aiming to succeed in today’s business landscape. Resilience helps navigate setbacks, adaptability enables thriving amid changing market conditions, and networking provides support and opens new opportunities. To stay updated on industry trends, Kristin regularly participates in webinars, subscribes to leading industry publications, and engages with peer networks. Additionally, attending classes and workshops helps her keep abreast of new developments and enhance her skills.

“Resilience and a firm commitment to my goals have been essential in navigating challenges and fostering growth for myself and others in the industry.”

Transparency and empowerment are central to Kristin’s leadership style. She believes in being open about company goals and challenges and encourages team input in decision-making processes. This approach creates a collaborative environment, builds trust, and enhances overall team productivity and morale. Kristin advises aspiring women entrepreneurs to embrace risk and not fear failure, as both are inevitable on the path to success. She also emphasizes the importance of investing time in building a strong network and seeking mentors who can provide guidance and support throughout their journey. Currently, Kristin is most excited about expanding the digital footprint of FemFounder. They are launching a series of online courses aimed at empowering female entrepreneurs with the skills to build and scale their businesses effectively in the digital age. Additionally, they are growing the brand of, where they house all their social media templates. Kristin encountered a significant setback when a major project failed. She bounced back by taking a step back to analyze what went wrong, learning and growing from the experience. This taught her the importance of risk assessment and reinforced the value of resilience.

Looking ahead, Kristin believes one of the biggest opportunities for women in business lies in the rise of digital and remote work technologies. These tools democratize access to global markets and resources, allowing women to more easily start and scale businesses from anywhere in the world.