Angel Radcliffe: Accelerating Accenture Ahead

Angel Radcliffe | Technology Transformation Thought Leader & Advisor | Accenture


Accenture plc is an Irish professional services company based in Dublin for tax purposes, specializing in information technology services and consulting. A Fortune Global 500 company, it reported revenues of $50.53 billion in 2021.

Accenture creates value for clients through various consulting services linked to Strategy, Technology, Digital, & Operations

Accenture is a global firm with over 700k employees worldwide. 200 Cities with Accenture locations and operations, across 50 countries-Angel Radcliffe


Angel Radcliffe is a Technology Transformation Thought Leader & Advisor with 15 years of experience. Her speciality includes Digital & Financial Transformation related to Strategy/Operations and business processes/automation within accounting/finance departments. Building her corporate profile, she found she has a passion for both Finance & Technology, eventually blending the two skill-sets through various consulting projects.

She has a track record of executing projects across Global & Domestic teams. Radcliffe has proven not only to be a leader but a persistent team player who brings positivity, innovation and initiative to her projects while being dedicated and driven. She is also passionate about creating diverse & inclusive environments while being an advocate of change.

Her ERP experience includes functional/technical/advisory/operations within Deployment/Strategy/ Design & Implementations.

While her corporate background precedes her, Ms Radcliffe is passionate about community, economic empowerment and making a difference in lives outside of fortune 500 companies.

She is also a community leader, she has served 8 years as Board Finance Chair, in addition to taking on leadership roles within non-profit organizations, and leading diversity & inclusion/enrichment initiatives. Her current progressive issues revolving around socio-economics, include advocating for financial literacy in the school systems.

The other feathers to her cap are Author, Public Speaker & Financial Educator, she is often found in the community educating on Financial Literacy topics.

Furthering her career, Ms Radcliffe wishes to combine her community leadership and public speaking experience within the corporate arena.

She has featured in Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, FOX News and more.


Accenture Accelerates Ahead with its tagline: A world of talent, one team

Across 200 cities and 19 industries, we work as one team with a common goal—to create 360° Value everywhere by embracing change- Angel Radcliffe


Before Accenture, Ms Angel worked in Finance, so while transitioning to Technology was exciting, she was still in a male-dominated industry. Having worked in a male-dominated space of finance, we rarely saw women in those roles especially leadership, shares Angel. Moving to tech, she knew some of those same challenges would be there, but she trusted her gut and went for a company with a modern vision. 

The key differentiator she’s seen at Accenture, diversity is embraced and any opening otherwise, action is promptly taken for any changes or concerns.

 Accenture has a goal of 50/50 by 2025, and when I say 50/50 the company is working to accelerate equality for all, especially when it comes to women in leadership, expresses Angel.

We are getting there by ‘resetting tech culture’ developing our people daily, offering working flexibility and staying connected.- Angel Radcliffe


“The main challenge in my career was transitioning from finance to tech. I always wanted to move into a tech role where my finance and accounting background could be leveraged, and I was always told there was no such role. Well years later, we now have the roles and we often hear the word ‘fintech’ and it just so happens this is where I landed as fate would have it. The key lesson as we go through challenges is to never give up and stay vocal about your goals. Being resilient and staying the course through education, technology,   building my network, and saying yes to my career goals shaped my journey.” Shares Angel.

Angel advises the following for the women:

Women looking to enter the tech industry should seek out mentors in various areas and build a foundation of solid networks before diving into a new career. Stay conversant with technology by taking initiative when learning on your own, as well as participating at events for this workforce through corporate training programs that are available or simply connecting one-on-one with other people who could help you get started down an amazing path!