Ajmal Saleem: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Treat at Home

Ajmal Saleem, the co-founder of Treat at Home, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 2018, right after completing high school. Although he lacked prior experience in running a company, his background and early exposure to healthcare practices provided him with the inspiration and drive to make a difference in the industry.

Growing up as the son of a consulting doctor, Ajmal witnessed firsthand the challenges and triumphs of healthcare. He observed patients anxiously waiting for their turn, only to leave with smiles on their faces after receiving quality care. These experiences instilled in him the desire to overcome the hurdles in healthcare and restore people to normalcy.

Motivated by this vision, Ajmal founded Treat at Home while simultaneously enrolling in medical school. This unique opportunity allowed him to develop a solution for the health sector while gaining comprehensive knowledge of healthcare practices and patient experiences.

Several key factors have contributed to Ajmal’s success as an entrepreneur and business leader. Treat at Home has focused on innovation and implemented various technological solutions to enhance user experience. These include App-to-App voice calling for increased privacy, Virtual Prescription for on-demand printing, Completion Code to ensure service closure, and a Quality Checklist for validation by both patients and providers.

Throughout his career, Ajmal has faced significant challenges. Initially, Treat at Home struggled to scale as expected due to an app-based digital approach. However, Ajmal and his team quickly realized the importance of human interaction in the healthcare sector. In response, they pivoted towards a call-based assistive booking system, with executives communicating in the regional language. This shift propelled Treat at Home’s growth, and Ajmal assumed the role of CEO in May 2020, expanding the network to include over 1,100 healthcare professionals and offering 3,500+ medical services at home within just three years.

“Healthcare just gave me the sense of solving a huge hurdle and making people get back to normalcy.”

To stay motivated and focused on his goals, Ajmal emphasizes the importance of teamwork and support from his co-founder and team members. The positive feedback received from patients continually fuels his motivation, reminding him that Treat at Home is making a meaningful impact on people’s lives by bringing quality healthcare to their doorsteps.

Ajmal’s leadership style revolves around building a strong company culture centered on inclusivity, fairness, and constructive criticism. He believes that every team member’s opinion matters, regardless of their position. By fostering this culture, Ajmal ensures that Treat at Home maintains a customer-first approach and continually delivers the best possible services.

In terms of values, Treat at Home places great importance on customer feedback. This user-centric approach has been vital in driving their product improvements. Ajmal also highlights the significance of perseverance and adaptability, continuously hustling and pivoting to overcome obstacles and meet evolving market needs.

To stay ahead of industry trends and changes, Ajmal remains updated by reading articles and following industry leaders on social media. He engages in discussions with team members and mentors to implement important changes within the sector and incorporate them into Treat at Home’s solutions.

When asked about his proudest moments, Ajmal mentions a recent project where Treat at Home collaborated with a crowdfunding platform to raise funds for a healthcare provider’s son battling cancer. The team’s success in helping others during critical times reinforces their mission and fills them with pride. Additionally, Treat at Home’s selection as one of the top 30 apps in India by the Google Appscale Academy class of 2023 highlights the recognition and confidence in their work.

Looking to the future, Ajmal aspires to expand Treat at Home’s services by partnering with major diagnostic chains and pharmacy retailers across India. The goal is to offer lab tests and medicine delivery as value-added services alongside their existing premium offerings: home doctor visits and specialist teleconsultations. By the end of 2023, Treat at Home aims to launch in major cities nationwide, creating a strong presence throughout India. They also plan to increase their average daily bookings from 15 to 100 and expand their network to 3,000 healthcare professionals by March 2024.

“Be open to change and keep hustling.”

What sets Treat at Home apart from competitors is its comprehensive digital healthtech platform, offering a wide range of medical services, including home doctor visits, specialist tele-consultations, in-home nursing, and caregiving. They also provide value-added services such as physical therapy, lab tests at home, medicine delivery, medical equipment, ambulance services, and hospital appointments. Treat at Home’s live tracking feature, peer-to-peer app, and hyperlocal network of providers enable faster and more affordable services, differentiating them in the home health sector.

Reflecting on difficult decisions, Ajmal highlights the pivotal moment when they decided to shift from a purely digital approach to implementing a call-based booking system. Although contrary to their initial solution, this decision ultimately saved the company and propelled its growth.

For aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders, Ajmal advises pursuing their passion regardless of their circumstances. Building the right team and being open to change are also crucial elements for success in any business venture. In terms of skills and qualities, Ajmal emphasizes the importance of discipline, routine, and maintaining a strong work schedule. These traits help leaders stay focused and effectively manage day-to-day operations.

Balancing business needs with personal life remains a challenge for Ajmal, as he is still striving to achieve equilibrium. However, he prioritizes building a strong team and fostering a collaborative culture, enabling Treat at Home to function smoothly even in his absence.

Ajmal measures success in his business through patient feedback. Celebrating achievements involves incentivizing team members and organizing enjoyable team outings.

Looking ahead, Ajmal predicts a growing trend in home healthcare, accelerated by the post-COVID era. Treat at Home is well-prepared to adapt to these changes, as evidenced by their early start and continued commitment to innovation and improvement.

Ajmal Saleem’s journey with Treat at Home is a testament to his passion, resilience, and commitment to revolutionize healthcare in India. Through his leadership and dedication, he continues to shape the future of the industry, bringing quality medical care directly to people’s doorsteps.

“Through our aggregator model, we don’t employ anyone but connect existing professionals to patients in need of medical care. This makes us highly scalable and less dependent on infrastructure.”