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Age-old practices of meditation, self-care and gaining control over one’s own emotion and thoughts until this date holds the same relevance. The power of mind to heal the body was very well understood by the folks of ancient civilization. As the times passed and science progressed, scientific evidences were being demanded against such practices. It will not be wrong to say that gradually these traditional practice and relevance of meditation and healing was being forgotten.

“We promote a place where you can come and with confidence feel like you are at home.  You will feel loved, accepted, open hearted and just plain comfortable.”


Science of Place and Well-Being takes us back to the earliest understanding that emotions and health are intertwined. No matter how old but this relation co-exists in our ecosystem. Maya Rodríguez, founder and CEO of Maya’s healing space serves as a conduit between age old belief and modern times need. Maya is making people believe that a place, energy and vibes contribute heavily in maintaining a person’s health and wellbeing.  She does this by investigating and triggering the body’s sensual perceptions and physiological response to the physical environment.


Maya’s healing centre is a space where people are invited to relax, feel their body at ease and free their mind from all type of distractions. At the centre, individuals are guided to forget any stress or worry and just focus on own self.  After reaching the certain stage of relaxation, one can feel physically and mentally free. Once this barrier is crossed, the individual stands at the door for meeting his/her true self. The self which was somewhere lost on the way of living life and not loving it. The self which has always been living in the shadows, because reality had always overpowered it.

This reconnection with the old and true soul helps individual feel settled and sparks emotional stability in life. Once you are into the state of calm, all the negative emotions including, self-doubt, guilt, stress, anxiousness, worry etc goes for a toss and the process of emotional healing begins, reinstates Maya. Along the process of emotional healing, the physical body also starts to gain its natural balance and initiates to heal all the imbalances. This exact state of mind allows the body to self heal and brings the body and soul to life. Maya’s healing space is not just a physical place but it is an aura which helps people find their true self, relax their body and feed their soul with fresh energy. It is a place where your Body, Mind and Soul will reunite again in harmony.  

“Your body reboots it’s system and your physical and emotional state return to their natural balance.” 


As the name suggests, Maya’s healing space is Maya’s brainchild. She has always believed in the healing powers of the environment and psychophysiological mechanisms that bring about this healing effect. Through this process of healing, she takes people on a journey through the senses of smell, sound, touch, sight, and spirit. The journey, which will enable them to introspect and find deeper meanings for their existence. In order to become efficient and authentic enough to pass this experience to people around, Maya obtained a certification in the domain. During the first year itself, Maya’s Healing Place grew 200%. It has been five years since the inception of Maya’s Healing Place and there is no looking back.  Her passion and hard work is leading her the way just upwards. Maya has been completely able to align her thoughts and actions in a direction, which will lead her to nowhere else but just success. Once you unleash the inner child in you, start loving yourself for who you are and disentangle the entangled threads of your emotions and thoughts, you will start to witness your life becoming a magic, affirms Maya.

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The reason why Maya’s Healing Space is into existence today is because of the traumas she faced in her childhood. She was born in Sarajevo Bosnia, her mother was a nationally renowned architect and her father, a businessman. Because of the nature of job of her parents, Maya had the opportunity to travel to different places. During her early days, she has enjoyed travel, activities and sports of different kinds. She grew up skiing in the Alpine mountains of Yugoslavia, played volleyball, soccer, tennis and many more. She had almost traveled to about ten European countries by the time she was eleven and spent her leisure time hiking in the woods and enjoy the sunshine on the Mediterranean and Adriatic coast. Her maternal side of the family taught her about the Turkish, Islam and Arabic culture whereas her paternal side of the family exposed her to the Christian and German way of living and history. Growing up she has spent her life learninga lot about history and culture not specifically through her education but also by having exposure to the dynamics of her family.


Despite always being taken care and being loved by the family, she somewhere felt lost and was more inclined towards nature. She always loved animals and since childhood, she had her own ways to look at things. This habit of hers shaped her perspective as she was growing up. She was just towards finding content in her life and The Bosnian War happened. The war started in the year 1992 and continued until 1996. All these years, Maya has spent her life in fear and her memories are of war horrors. This civil war resulted not only in the vandalizationbut its horrors also crushed the souls of many people. Maya was one of them. The horrors of civil war had a place deep engraved in her heart and mind. It had also broken her emotional strength. The one and half years of war had completely devastated her. The after effects of war led to scarcity of food, water and basic amenities. This in-turn gave birth to problems of hunger, torture, loss, anguish and all such negative emotions. As an after effect of the war, people were forced to live as Refugee. Living the life of a refugee, travelling from one place to another, having nowhere to call home just added to her emotional imbalance and eventually resulted in a trauma. The considerate feeling of not belonging to a particular continent, country, state, religion, place or nationality was taking a toll on her mental as well as physical health.


Despite having so much to struggle with, Maya did not let the circumstances overpower her spirit. She always looked for things waiting for her ahead and took care of people around her. Within no time she realized that her parents are hugely dependent on her, so she did not let the situation win over her. She decided to make a way for her own. She studied at the University of Virginia, got married and settled in her life. Going ahead in life, she thought that everything will be settled for her but life had other plans for her. As Maya was on the verge of settling in her life, she was still not feeling unsettled. She was feeling that strong urge to heal herself from within. She was in desperate need to get saved, she felt like she was drowning.

Initially she believed that motherhood would save her, but she realized that even that is not enough. The emptiness remained. One fine day she decided that she wants to start over and make it happen for her. That was the time, when she decided to take care of the child inside her and address her emotional needs. That was the time when the process of emotional healing for her began.

She was soon able to conquer the demons inside her and her promise to respect her emotions was fulfilled. She understood that the phenomenon of healing is tied to the human stress response. The chronic stress leads to suppression of the immune system, stifling the body’s ability to heal.The process of mental healing and meditation powers the soul to thrill, delight and awake.


After conquering her demons, Maya decided that she wants to share her experience with the world and make world a better place to live. Out of this emotion and determination Maya’s Healing Space was born. As she kept walking this road, she met people who needed emotional comfort and guidance as well. That was the time when Maya got the assurance that her purpose in life is to be on this path of self healing and help everyone who feels the need of the same.
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