Skie Molinar – A Healthy Future Is A Fit Future

Skie Molinar | Skies The Limit Wellness & Fitness Clinic

In recent times, the need and importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle cannot be ignored. ‘Health is Wealth’ is no longer just a proverb, it has become a mantra for happy and healthy living. 

Skie Molinar from San Antonio, Texas is one such personality who has completely dedicated her life to health and fitness. She not only just focuses on maintaining her own health and well-being but rather she has pledged to make this world a happy and healthy place to live in. The idea of being healthy implies being free from illness and be in peace of mind. Skie is the founder of Skies The Limit Wellness & Fitness Clinic, a platform where the efforts of people are guided towards making themselves both mentally and physically fit. Skie is into the health and fitness industry and transforming the lives of people since the last 22 years. Skie as a business motto speaks about the following values: S – Speak life into others, K – Know your purpose, I – Inspire others and E – Empower others. 

“You have to fly above the storm just like an eagle to continue moving forward to practice skills you were gifted with and to give back to this world by helping others.”


A healthy mind endures only in a fit and healthy body. A happy mind and a fit body help you maintain the energy to achieve success in life, Skie very well understood this at a very early stage in her career and so she decided to become the torchbearer for society. She has empowered lives by guiding, educating and coaching clients to adopt healthy eating habits and exercise. She made her clients understand that a healthy mind and body also increase the productivity of their work. A healthy body can be achieved by increasing their active range of motion, whether through pilates, strength training with weights or even with the client’s body weight. Along with physical training, Skie also provides nutritional counselling for her clients, wherein she suggests food items containing micro and macro nutrients helpful in building a strong immune system. 

Based on her professional medical experience where she rendered her services as a physical therapist, Skie states that unhealthy eating and lifestyle adoption is increasing the risk of people being infected by some or the other disease. People in the first place can save themselves from getting infected by following a nutritious diet and regular exercise. Over the span of 22 years, Skie has worked with clients suffering from diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, multiple sclerosis, vertigo, orthopaedic issues along with many more type of health problems. Apart from this, Skie also has hands-on diversified experience in coaching models, bodybuilders and clients contesting for physique, figure, bikini, wellness and shape competitions. 

Restricting the body from the intake of harmful substances, doing regular exercises and having proper food and sleep are some of the important instances that define a healthy lifestyle. Being fit allows us to perform our activities without being lethargic, restless or tired, believes Skie. After working in Hospitals, Wellness Centers, Out Patient Clinics, Chronic Pain Clinics and Rehab facilities, Skie realized that she could bring a change in people by educating, empowering and guiding people to take care of their health. By changing their lifestyle and consuming proper nutritious food and practising exercise, pilates, weight training etc. 


It all started at a gym, where Skie used to train clients. It did not take much time for her to realize that she requires a place of her own to address her client’s needs individually. A place that will provide her space to work independently. Soon, she took a property on rent and started buying gym equipment to turn that place into a gym. For her it was not only a gym, she had also spaced out a clinical setup for her clients in the same premise. A clinical set up to provide counselling and training to people who are healing from previous injuries and who needed to continue strengthening after they were done with their Physical Therapy. As a therapist with an associate degree and more than two decades of experience in working with patients with different health conditions, diseases and illnesses, she has developed her own technique in post-rehab strengthening and guidance to prevent further injury or not let the health condition deteriorate. 

This is how the foundation of Skies The Limit Wellness & Fitness Clinic was laid. 

Gradually with each passing day, Skie increased the number of pieces of equipment in her setup as now she had to cater to the needs of more clients. She started to gain a reputation in the industry and was recognized for her hard work and determination. It was just a matter of a few years and people had started following her passion. The passion for living a healthy lifestyle. She also lived by the determination of building champions in the Fitness Industry. 

Skie in the process of working hard and on the journey towards achieving her goals unknowingly became a role model for many. Following her steps, many people opened up their facility to give back by helping others become healthier to continue to be productive in this society. Becoming an inspiration for people, aspiring to contribute to the health and fitness industry, Skie also got the opportunity to speak on public forums, become a part of infomercials, get featured in magazines, local television and also pen her thoughts on the topic for magazines. 


Though Skie has a very strong professional front, she has also suffered some turbulence in her personal life. Unfortunately, she could not continue her marriage and owing to her divorce she had to sell some of her gym equipment and re-start the gym in her garage at home. One of her sons also succumbed to covid. Fighting all the odds in her life and mustering courage to pass all the hurdles in life, Skie has become a leading example for many.

Skie is a dreamer, achiever and hustler. There is no limit to her art and skills. She has always had diversified interests and she succeeds in pursuing them all. Skie is also a writer, who is in the process to produce and publish a book or more. Recently she also acted in a movie released in November called ‘Abduction of The Fourth Kind’. Other things lined up for her are creating her fitness app and conducting virtual training and taking netizens to storm by publishing her ideas, inspirations and guidance on social media channels.

I knew at a very young age I was more of a leader than a follower. 

I don’t believe in luck, I believe in God’s favor. When you believe in yourself and your passion for helping and empowering others, the Lord opens the doors of the Universe to favor you. If that one door doesn’t open, keep walking have faith and never stop pursuing your dream. It may be late, but your door of dreams shall open.