Shameka Green: Road to Resilience

Shameka Green would believe she is born a leader but it took her several years to understand this. Early on in life, she was ushered into roles that caused her to think critically and fast-paced.  Describing herself further she says  Shameka Green is a brand. As a leader, she has had the pleasure of spearheading major purpose-driven projects like her non-profit, Emma’s House Inc.

Under the umbrella of Emma’s House Inc., she can render her services as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist specializing in grief and trauma. In addition to being a therapist, her publishing company, Meme Green Publishing, has provided a platform for women to publish their stories and elevate their voices. In an exclusive interview, we get to know all the pressure this diamond has undergone to emerge the sparkling gem she is today.

My initiative for this year is to carry out the mission to elevate the
voice of the masses. Elevate the voices of women through publication,
podcasts, cinema, and therapy.

– Shameka Green

Elite X: ‘The first duty of love is to listen’.  As a Marriage & Family Therapist while fulfilling the above quote through your services how do you overcome the challenges that come your way?

Shameka Green: Each obstacle comes with the need to utilize different tools. The one consistent technique for me is that I never quit. I can pause or pivot but never quit.

My advice to young women is to go after what you want even if you are afraid. I would say focus on the mission but, hang loose to how you will get there. It’s easy to get too focused on the “how” versus the “why”. The “why” is the reason you started in the first place.  

Shameka Green

EX: Your profession involves meeting people from diverse backgrounds. How do you ensure that you have a diverse, equal and inclusive work culture in your organization?

 SG: Under Meme Green Publishing, I provide a platform for women to elevate their voices by narrating their own stories. As a minority woman, my fight is a double-edged sword.

I don’t participate in projects that are not passion filled. My job is to make sure the projects I have add to my joy cup. Early in my career, I wanted to do everything. The reality is that it yielded a quick burn-out. My reality lesson was learning that I’m important. If I’m burnt out, I can’t carry out the mission.

– Shameka Green