Preview of iOS 17.4 Beta Unveils Apple’s Integration of ChatGPT API to Enhance Siri

In preparation for the highly anticipated release of iOS 18 in June, Apple is reportedly set to elevate its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Insights gleaned from the iOS 17.4 beta reveal Apple’s intention to empower Siri’s AI functionalities, with a surprising ally—OpenAI’s ChatGPT API—playing a crucial role in this technological advancement.

Within the code, a newly discovered SiriSummarization private framework has been identified, making calls to OpenAI’s ChatGPT API. This integration is a key component in Apple’s internal testing of evolving AI capabilities, evident from system prompts such as “please summarize,” “please answer this question,” and “please summarize the given text,” as reported by 9to5Mac.

Furthermore, these system prompts indicate an incorporation of AI features within the Messages app, aligning with previous reports from Bloomberg that suggested Apple’s plans to integrate a Message app capable of handling queries and auto-completing sentences.

The report emphasizes that Apple’s collaboration with ChatGPT is not based on dependency but rather on the establishment of benchmarks. The SiriSummarization framework primarily utilizes on-device models for summarization, showcasing Apple’s commitment to leveraging its proprietary AI models. Examination of the iOS 17.4 code reveals active testing of four distinct AI models, including the internally developed “Ajax.” Notably, there are two versions of AjaxGPT—one processed on-device and the other off-device.

What distinguishes this revelation is Apple’s dual approach to AI integration. While actively advancing its own AI system, including models like “Ajax,” the company is concurrently benchmarking against external models like ChatGPT and FLAN-T5.

This strategic move aligns with Bloomberg’s October report by Mark Gurman, shedding light on Apple’s AI objectives for iOS 18. The report outlined Apple’s commitment to infuse significant language model capabilities into the upcoming iOS, promising users a transformative AI-driven experience. As iOS 18 approaches its release, Apple’s commitment to advancing AI capabilities becomes increasingly apparent.