Lori Vann: The Mind And Its Matters

Lori Vann | Founder and President | Vann & Associates

Lori Vann, a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, is the founder and president of Vann & Associates Coaching, Counseling, and Consulting. She started her private practice in 2001. Vann and Associates began in 2008. The original business, Vann Counseling, was founded in 2001 with it growing into Vann & Associates in 2010. The company is located in Lewisville, Texas, but provides services throughout the State of Texas via telehealth.

In an interview with EliteX Media, Lori speaks her mind about her journey as a mind coach and other mind matters.

Elite X (EX):  Thank you for doing this Lori. You are providing services in an industry which is gaining importance in recent times. What were the challenges that you came across and how did you overcome them?

Lori Vann: Any new business has the challenge of making a name for itself and building trust in the community. As a professional speaker and counsellor who had worked in a variety of locations, I had already created numerous connections in the professional community. In addition, I became very active in counselling networking groups. Building relationships is a great way to build trust and, therefore, referrals.

EX: The Company has grown steadily since its inception. What is the secret behind its growth?

Lori Vann: According to me it’s our motto: We are here to serve. That mindset and purpose guide business decisions because it is about relationships and consistency. You cannot meet someone one time and expect them to do business with you or even remember your name. As several of my coaches say, people do business with people they know & trust; they are doing business with you, not your company. I have been active in several different communities finding out what are the trends or pain points and then finding ways to assist.

EX: But why services in a field like psychological health which is so stigmatized and not any other field?

Lori Vann: I did not believe that quality mental health care should be a luxury item.  If people need help and are willing to commit to the services that they receive, then I believe that there should be quality options available to them.  A community that has limited mental health options is a community at risk of incurring higher school dropout rates, increased crime, substance abuse, and poverty. 

Throughout the 20-plus years of practice, there have been many new ventures and opportunities in this field that I have experienced that were outside the usual counseling field of practice, but were still very much connected to it.  Psychology is a part of business.  Psychological principles are used in marketing, advertising, coaching, consulting, human resources, teaching, the medical field, parent-child relationships, etc.  Psychology is everywhere, so I decided to help my immediate and not-so-immediate community see its presence in their daily lives.

EX: As a businesswoman what is the key business highlight of your enterprise?

Lori Vann: Interviewing Dr Phil McGraw and participating in a health panel with The Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels and the owner of the Savannah Bananas have been highlights, in addition to having a radio show on iHeartRadio.

EX: ‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.’ What are your plans for the future of the company?

Lori Vann: The Institute for NSSI will continue to expand its international reach to serve those struggling with the behaviour, the caregivers who love them, and the treatment providers who are treating them. Lori Vann Speaking will continue to provide professional, real-world topics to conferences, schools, and businesses.  

Also to continue to grow the Institute for Non-Suicidal Self-injury provides more resources on a national and international level for those seeking help for the behaviour or those who want to be trained in how to treat it can be provided with free to low-cost resources. The goal is to “Turn the Tide on NSSI”. In addition, I am interested in continuing to expand my services as a Behavioural Health Consultant for businesses that would like to find ways to attract, retain, and keep happy team members to increase productivity & profits by decreasing liability and building a reputation in the community as a place that customers want to do business with.

What would you like other ambitious women to know about advancing their careers in your industry?

Lori Vann: Entrepreneurship is an adventure. But just like any adventure, to be successful, you must have a plan, strategize the best way to implement it, act on it, and then be willing to course-correct. Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart; it takes a lot of self-discipline, perseverance, humility, courage, and tenacity.