Leading with Vision: The Inspiring Journey of Natasha Makhijani

Natasha Makhijani, CEO of Oliver Sanderson Group PLC and SnappCV, is a dynamic leader in the executive search industry, renowned for her groundbreaking contributions to equity, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I) and digital recruitment innovation. Recognized by esteemed institutions such as the House of Lords, Global Recruiter, APSCo, and the Recruiter Awards, Natasha’s visionary leadership has propelled her firms to the forefront of the industry. We, at EliteX, are honored to introduce Natasha Makhijani as one of the 20 Elite CEOs in 2024.

Natasha’s journey to her current position as CEO has been marked by remarkable achievements and rapid progression. Beginning her career in the recruitment sector with Hays, she swiftly ascended through the ranks, showcasing exceptional talent and leadership prowess. At Michael Page, Natasha’s dedication saw her emerge as the top biller in HR across the UK, setting the stage for her entrepreneurial venture. The inspiration behind Natasha’s pursuit of leadership in the industry stems from her unwavering commitment to innovation and a passion for challenging conventions. Fuelled by a desire to create opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds, Natasha embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship, founding Oliver Sanderson in 2011. Her vision for a company grounded in integrity, honesty, and ED&I leadership has since propelled Oliver Sanderson to international acclaim.

“True leadership is not defined by titles, but by the positive impact we make on the lives of others.” – Natasha Makhijani

Natasha’s leadership style is characterized by empathy, vision, and empowerment. She fosters a culture of trust and collaboration, where every team member’s voice is valued. By empowering her team to succeed and nurturing a culture of inclusivity, Natasha has cultivated an environment conducive to innovation and growth. At Oliver Sanderson, innovation is paramount. Natasha and her team invest in cutting-edge technology and foster a culture of creativity and continuous improvement. Their pioneering digital recruitment platform, SnappCV, stands as a testament to their commitment to innovation, breaking down barriers and redefining the recruitment landscape.

Natasha, is not only a visionary leader in the executive search industry but also a staunch advocate for work-life balance and equity, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I). Natasha’s strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life balance amidst the demands of her role emphasize the importance of self-care and flexibility. By prioritizing activities like morning exercise, Natasha sets the tone for a culture that values holistic wellness.

Within her organization, Natasha prioritizes ED&I by embedding these principles into the company’s culture and operations. Inspired by her own experiences as an Asian woman CEO, Natasha has spearheaded initiatives to foster belonging, respect, and empowerment for all employees. Regular feedback mechanisms and proactive measures ensure that Oliver Sanderson remains committed to its values both internally and externally.

“Empowering others isn’t just a leadership style; it’s a philosophy that drives sustainable success.” – Natasha Makhijani

As Natasha looks to the future of the executive search and recruitment industry, she anticipates rapid evolution driven by technological advancements and changing workforce dynamics. Oliver Sanderson is poised to lead this transformation by investing in innovative technologies, expanding service offerings, and adapting strategies to meet evolving needs. Natasha envisions her company continuing to drive positive change and deliver exceptional value to all stakeholders. One of Natasha’s proudest moments as CEO came when Oliver Sanderson Group PLC was honored with prestigious leadership awards at the UK House of Lords. Recognized for her outstanding leadership, Natasha’s dedication to innovation and growth was celebrated on an international stage. These awards serve as a testament to the hard work and achievements of Natasha and her team, reaffirming their commitment to excellence.

Looking ahead, Natasha is excited about the future growth and expansion of Oliver Sanderson. With ambitious goals to strengthen market presence and expand service offerings, Natasha is particularly enthusiastic about opportunities for innovation and digital transformation. As Oliver Sanderson ventures into new markets and embraces new initiatives, Natasha remains steadfast in her commitment to leading her company to greater heights of success.

“Innovation isn’t just about technology; it’s about challenging conventions and creating opportunities for everyone to succeed.” – Natasha Makhijani