Kristin Marquet: Marking it through marketing

Kristin Marquet | Publicist, Marketer & Entrepreneur | Marquet Media, LLC

Kristin Marquet is a publicist, marketer, and entrepreneur. She is Marquet Media, LLC’s founder and creative director, a marketing and public relations agency specializing in helping small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs increase their visibility and credibility through targeted media exposure.

Marquet Media’s mission is to help clients build their brand authority and establish themselves as industry leaders through strategic marketing and public relations. The agency has worked with various clients across industries, including technology, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Specifically, we offer branding, media relations, content marketing, and
website design and development.


She founded several other companies, including, a community and resource hub for female entrepreneurs. offers a variety of resources to help female entrepreneurs raise their business awareness and succeed in their industries, including articles, podcasts, videos, and courses on topics such as marketing, branding, and business strategy.

The company also offers a supportive community of female entrepreneurs where members can connect, collaborate, and share advice and experiences. The platform aims to provide female entrepreneurs the resources, tools, and support they need to achieve their business goals and thrive in their industries.

I started my first business out of necessity because I was laid off from my corporate consulting job during the financial crisis. Despite the challenging economic environment, I learned to take calculated risks and adapt to changing circumstances.


Channeling Through  Challenges

On her entrepreneurial journey, Kristin encountered countless challenges, but according to her, the  noteworthy ones were:

– Lack of experience and knowledge in the beginning
– Finding and retaining talent
– Managing time and resources

When asked how one can overcome these challenges, Kristin mentions her four-step process:

Create a solid business plan and budget: A well-thought-out plan and budget helped her identify her funding needs and create a roadmap for her business.

Seek mentorship and education: She got the instruction to learn from the experiences of others and gained knowledge in areas where she lacked expertise.

Build a strong network: Networking helped her find and retain talent, build customer relationships, and gain valuable industry insights.

Prioritize time management: She learned to delegate tasks, set goals, and use tools and technology to streamline her work.

Staying motivated and pushing forward in the face of obstacles and setbacks can be difficult, especially when you feel overwhelmed or discouraged. However, it is essential to remember that these challenges can be overcome with the right mindset and strategies. I stay motivated in many ways, such as setting achievable goals, developing a positive attitude, focusing on progress rather than perfection, and surrounding myself with supportive people.


Necessity Is The Author Of Change:

Kristin never intended to become a publicist. She shares that she fell into the industry by necessity. After she got laid off from her corporate consulting job, she happened to freelance for other companies and scaled the business to a full-service agency.

Our proprietary framework produces high-quality results tailored to client needs. We understand the importance of ensuring your message is delivered most effectively, so we have developed our unique structure to ensure success. Our process includes researching current trends, implementing engaging strategies, and monitoring performance to ensure you reach your goals quickly and effectively.


The Kristin Marquet Way of Achieving Stable Work-Life Balance

As the CEO of a growing company, Kristin doesn’t have much time for work-life balance. But she still tries to maintain it through the following ways:  

– Kristin emphasizes that one of the most important strategies for balancing personal and professional life is to set boundaries. Kristin says that establishing precise working hours and separating work and personal time helps one stay sane.

– According to her, identifying the essential tasks that need to be done each day and prioritizing them allows one to focus on completing the critical tasks first and then move on to less critical tasks.

– Using a calendar or scheduling tool to plan one’s day and allocate specific times for tasks ensures enough time for one’s personal and professional commitments, shares Kristin.

– Taking care of oneself is crucial. She emphasizes that one makes time for activities that one enjoys which helps one rejuvenate, such as exercise, reading, or spending time with her loved ones.

As an entrepreneur, I have had the privilege of accomplishing many things. My accomplishments have profoundly impacted my business and personal life, from launching successful businesses to leading teams and making effective decisions. Not only have these accomplishments provided me with financial security, but they have also enabled me to lead a more fulfilling life.


The Marquet Strategy to be a C-Level CEO:

According to Kristin, to be an aspiring woman entrepreneur, it’s essential to take the time to research and understand the needs of your target customer base. Additionally, having a solid support system of mentors and peers can help one stay motivated and accountable throughout one’s journey. With these tips in mind, any woman entrepreneur can reach her goals and create a successful business from the ground up. She also shares that prioritizing goals and objectives is essential for any successful venture.

By setting clear objectives and measuring progress towards them, Kristin ensures that her team is making meaningful progress and staying on track. Additionally, she sets realistic goals and breaks them down into manageable tasks that can be tackled individually.

She also firmly believes that networking and building relationships are essential for the success of any business. They provide a platform for connecting with other professionals, potential customers, and influencers in the industry. According to her, the perks of networking for firms are that companies can gain new insights, access resources, and expand their reach through networking and forming relationships.

For individuals, networking can open career opportunities and help to develop professional skills. She has leveraged these strategies by attending events related to her expertise, joining professional organizations, and creating a solid online presence.

We strive to impact our local community by providing employment opportunities and supporting local charities and causes. We have also taken steps to reduce our environmental impact by sourcing sustainable materials and reducing energy consumption.