Illuminating Leadership: The Vision and Values of Luca Meinardi

Luca Meinardi, the CEO of Griven, embarked on his journey with the company in November 2019, stepping up to lead during a pivotal moment of transition. Griven was undergoing a significant shift from a privately owned entity to a multinational managerial firm, requiring a leader capable of navigating this evolution. We at EliteX, are proud to introduce Luca Meinardi as one of 20 Elite CEOs in 2024.

With a career spanning 26 years, Luca’s professional trajectory has been diverse, encompassing roles in commercial, PR, marketing, consultancy, and top management across various industries. Since 2004, his focus has been on the lighting sector, where he has had the privilege of collaborating closely with renowned designers and architects globally. Starting from positions within prominent lighting companies, Luca eventually transitioned to working as an independent consultant. Luca’s leadership style is characterized by a blend of vision, determination, ethical principles, teamwork, and a dedication to continuous learning and personal growth. Guided by values such as integrity, resilience, and balance, he believes in making a positive impact both professionally and personally.

“I firmly want Griven to become one of the most important Italian players in the international outdoor architectural lighting market.” – Luca Meinardi

To stay ahead in a competitive market, Griven fosters innovation through its Research & Development department, continuously studying the latest industry advancements in LED technology and intelligent lighting systems. Collaboration with trusted suppliers and a culture of innovation ensures the company delivers groundbreaking solutions that excel in performance and aesthetic appeal. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance amidst the demands of his role as CEO is essential to Luca. Prioritizing delegation, effective time management, and setting clear boundaries between work and personal life, he emphasizes self-care through exercise, healthy eating, and adequate rest, remaining adaptable to unforeseen circumstances.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are paramount values within Griven under Luca’s leadership. Recognizing Italy’s gender employment gap, Luca has actively worked to increase female representation within the company. From only three women employed four years ago, Griven now boasts a workforce where 50% of office staff are women. Luca is committed to fostering an inclusive workplace where everyone, regardless of gender, has equal opportunities for growth and success, contributing to a more diverse and equitable workforce.

In aligning with the growing imperative of energy conservation for environmental preservation, Luca Meinardi and Griven have prioritized sustainability and corporate social responsibility in their business practices. They’ve taken significant steps to enhance production and supply processes, resulting in lighting fixtures that are now 90% recyclable, with 95% of components sourced within a 100 km radius. Upholding stringent internal energy-saving and eco-friendly protocols, and integrating new lighting technologies, Griven prioritizes the safe development of plant and animal habitats in every endeavor.

“Failure isn’t the end but a stepping stone to growth. Leaders should embrace failure, analyze why things went wrong, and extract valuable lessons.” – Luca Meinardi

For aspiring leaders looking to make an impact, Luca emphasizes adaptability and a growth mindset. Remaining flexible in response to change and embracing failure as a learning opportunity are key principles he advocates. Leaders should welcome new ideas, diverse perspectives, and extract valuable lessons from setbacks to drive growth and innovation.

Cultivating a positive company culture aligned with vision and values is a continuous effort for Luca. By embodying principles of motivation, engagement, and alignment, he aims to create a workplace where people thrive, fostering innovation and achieving long-term success. Staying informed about emerging trends and developments in the field is crucial for making informed strategic decisions. Luca employs various strategies, including observing competitors’ activities, analyzing market reports, engaging on LinkedIn, and attending events and exhibitions for firsthand exposure.

Approaching challenges with resilience, strategic thinking, and adaptability, Luca fosters a culture of open communication and collaboration within the organization. Transparent communication, regular meetings, feedback culture, and leading by example are instrumental in cultivating trust and respect among team members.

Looking ahead, Luca is excited about Griven’s goal to become one of the most important Italian players in the international outdoor architectural lighting market. With an always up-to-date range of highly innovative luminaires, capable of sustainable lighting solutions from residential to urban infrastructures, Luca is eager to drive Griven’s ambitious journey forward.

“Adaptability is key. Change is constant, so remaining flexible and agile in response to shifting circumstances is crucial.” – Luca Meinardi